Face, Arm & Foot Rests

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Oakworks QuickLock Face Rest w/Boiance Cushion

- The union of ultra comfortable padding and water spheres combine to deliver an exceptional feeling of comfort and relaxation.
- Features a unique, very open space to avoid all pressure on the eyes and sinus cavities.

Price: $150.00


Oakworks QuickLock Face Rest with Aero-Cel Cushion

- Provides optimal access to cervical and thoracic areas for the therapist, and comfortable, secure support for any body type, any client need or preference.
- Folds out of the way when not in use.
- Offers cervical support for supine clients, prone support in any position.
- Provides one-handed locking system (easy even with clients on-board)
- Convenient foldaway storage underneath your portable table
- Gets as close to the table as therapist needs it to be
- Double articulating action provides nearly limitless positioning options
- Direct mechanical locking means no springs or ratchets to fail
- Non-rusting nylon and fiberglass composite and heavy-walled aluminum for durability.
- Adjustable pad takes pressure off sensitive facial areas while providing support to keep faces from falling through and necks from hitting the bar
- Can be used in both prone and supine positioning.

Price: $115.00


Touch America Contour FaceSpace

Purpose: Adjusts to hundreds of positions.

Price: $110.00


Oakworks Auto-Adjust Removable Side Arm Rests

Gives client extra comfort.

Price: $320.00


Oakworks Face Rest Crescent

Price: $40.00


Touch America Accessories Package

Purpose: Use with the Golden Touch Table.

Price: $250.00


Living Earth Crafts Front Arm Shelf / Table Extender

Removable armrest seconds as a table extender.

Price: $199.00


Oakworks Adjustable Face Rest Platform

Purpose: Lengthens your table by as much as 12 inches, while providing excellent access to your client's head, neck and shoulders in prone or supine positions.

Price: $55.00


Touch America Wet Deluxe FaceSpace II with Pillow

Adjustments can be made for height and tilt; No pinched fingers or hair because there is no cam lock.

Price: $120.00


Oakworks Arm Hammock

Purpose: Eliminates the awkward feeling your clients may experience by not knowing where to place their arms.

Price: $35.00


Touch America Manicure Arms

Purpose: Use for the Golden Touch (C91311) table only.

Price: $300.00


Touch America Full Footrest

Purpose: Full Footrest adds 9” to your table and more comfort for your client.

Price: $60.00


Touch America Flex Armrests

Price: $87.00


Living Earth Crafts Footrest

Price: $109.00


Living Earth Crafts PivotPerfect Armrests

Purpose: Arms swing outward for hand massage or nail care.

Price: $350.00


Living Earth Crafts PivotPerfect Manicure Armrests

Purpose: Arms swing outward for hand massage or nail care.

Price: $350.00


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