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Find top tint brands like Intensive, RefectoCil, and ViBrowLash. Plus, discover other "above-the-mask" beauty options such as henna, lash extensions, & more!

Offer clients dark, dramatic lashes that look fuller and longer for several weeks!

Lash tinting is an inexpensive menu addition with a low cost per treatment, and it's easy to learn. Plus, your clients will love the instant gratification and skipping their daily mascara routine.

Eyelash Lift, Perm, & Lamination

Laminate for bold brows. Lift for longer, fuller lashes. Perm for lash uniformity and body.

Makeup for Lashes and Brows

Accentuate natural beauty or create fashion-forward looks with high performance makeup.

Eyelash Extensions

Provide 4-6 weeks of longer lashes by using these natural-looking, lightweight extensions.

Conditioning & Growth Serums

Help thicken lashes and brows while repairing damage from tweezing, extensions, and aging.

Henna for Eyebrows

Offer a longer-lasting, realistic alternative to brow powder and tints. Henna stains the skin for 2-3 weeks and tints hair for up to 5 weeks, giving brows a fuller, darker appearance.

Lash & Brow Supplies and Operational Essentials

Reduce operating costs with these innovative, cost-efficient supplies, tools, linens, and apparel.

Lash and Brow Treatment SUpplies

Perform your services with ease by using quality-tested supplies that offer efficiency and value.

Lash and Brow Tools

Give clients the best possible treatment by using tools designed for ease of use and guest comfort.

Towels, Linens, & Apparel for your Salon or Spa

Discover uniforms that offer all-day comfort to soft, perfectly sized treatment towels.

Sanitation & PPE Products and Supplies

Find everything you need to help keep your staff and clients healthy. Specially selected for spas, our extensive collection includes sanitation, body protection, and barriers.

Lash & Brow Furniture and Equipment

View a wide range of technician chairs and treatment tables to trolleys and mag lamps.

Place clients in the right position comfortably with chairs and tables that meet your service needs.

Eyelash and brow technician seating

Enjoy comfortable, sturdy seating while you tint, lift, perm, and more.

Spa and Salon Lighting

Ensure you’re able to see clearly with ring lights, daylight lamps, mag lamps, and headlamps.

Carts and Trolleys for Your Salon or Spa

Organize and store your lash and brow supplies so you can easily access them during treatments.

Menu Inspirations

Explore a variety of top trending services, and integrate them into your salon with menu descriptions, suggested pricing, ROI breakdowns, and more.

Treat your clients to a gentler yet effective lash tinting service. ViBrowLash offers an ammonia-free, low odor cream that provides vibrant color for up to 4 weeks.

Treatment time:
30 minutes

Suggested price:

Cost per treatment:

Give your clients perfectly curled lashes and freedom from daily lash curling! This semi-permanent treatment is an easy add-on that lasts for up to 3 months.

Treatment time:
30 minutes

Suggested price:

Cost per treatment:

Offer your clients the freedom from daily use of lash curlers! This semi-permanent service gives them perfectly lifted lashes that last for up to 6 weeks.

Treatment time:
45-60 minutes

Suggested price:

Cost per treatment:


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