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CaviCide® Disinfectant Cleaner

Purpose: For use as a pre-cleaning decontaminant immersion solutions: Place instruments in a container with a sufficient amount of CaviCide to allow for complete submersion. Cover and immerse for 10 minutes at room temperature 69 degrees. Remove and rinse instruments. Follow with appropriate cleaning and disinfection process. Discard solution after each use. For disinfection non-instrument surfaces, including HIV-1, HBV and HCV applications: Spray CaviCide directly onto pre-cleaned surface, thoroughly wetting area to be disinfected. Allow surface to remain visibly wet for 3 minutes at room temperature. For tuberculocidal activity, surface must remain visibly wet for a full 5 minutes at room temperature. Wipe surface using a towel or allow to air dry.

Price From: $8.95 - $33.25


Barbicide Wipes / 160 count

Purpose: Use one Barbicide wipe to completely preclean surface of all gross debris. Use a second Barbicide Wipe to thoroughly wet the surface. Repeated use of the product may be required to ensure that the surface remains visibly wet for 2 minutes at room temperature.

Price: $13.75


PureGreen24 Disinfectant / Deodorizer

• EPA registered for use on sports equipment and children's toys (no rinsing required)
• Can be applied in the presence of people and animals
• Controls the spread of germs; Reduce employee/client illness
• Operations cost savings
– Less frequent application
– No protective gear required during application
– No chance of injury due to accident or misuse
– No rinsing required
• Meets School System and Office Building Green standards
• Deodorizes
• Per the Clean Air Act, PureGreen24 does not contain any hazardous air pollutants, Class 1 Ozone depletors, or Class 2 Ozone depletors.
• None of the chemicals in PureGreen24 are listed as Hazardous Substances under the Clean Water Act (CWA), Priority Pollutants under the CWA, or Toxic Pollutants under the CWA.

Price From: $5.25 - $41.95


DisCide Ultra Towelettes / 160 Count

Purpose: For disinfection of inanimate, precleaned hard, non-porous surfaces such as chairs, counter tops, drawer pulls, carts, baskets, tables, cabinets, telephones and other related hard surfaces. Can be used on stainless steel, glass, formica, and other similar surfaces. Use care when using on varnished surfaces, plexi-glass or leather.

NOTE: If used on food contact surfaces it is required to be followed by a potable water rinse.

Price: $12.95


Citrus II Germicidal Cleaner / Lavender / 1 Gallon Refill

Purpose: This ready-to-use formula is safe for cleaning and disinfecting multiple hard surfaces. Gallon refill.


SpaRitual Visionary Cleanser

Purpose: This multipurpose spray sanitizes spa services, manicures and pedicures. Removes oils and residue to ensure proper treatment and nail lacquer adhesion. It may be used to sanitize spa equipment, yoga mats, and other surfaces.


Citrus II Original All Natural Air Freshner / 7oz

Purpose: CitruScent destroys odors in the air, such as perm odors, smoke odors, and acrylic nail odors.

Price: $8.99


Antiseptic Towelettes / 100pc

Purpose: Used to cleanse the skin. Apply by gently patting the area 1 to 3 times.


Citrus II Germicidal Cleaner / Lavender / 22oz

Purpose: This ready-to-use formula is safe for cleaning and disinfecting multiple hard surfaces.


Daylight UNO Table Lamp

Price: $50.00


Blood Spill Kit

Purpose: A single-use version of the B.A.S.K. Safety System for safely cleaning up blood.

Price: $11.95


Clorox Sanitizing Spray / 32oz

Purpose: Spray on surface until thoroughly wet. Let stand for 1 minute. If desired, wipe with paper towel or clean dish towel. Air dry, no rinsing necessary. For heavily soiled surfaces, a precleaning step is required.

Price: $9.25


Daylight UNO Clamp Lamp

Price: $50.00


Citrus II Solid Air Freshener / Lavender / 8oz

Purpose: Remove cover and discretely place in room.


1-16 of 16 Items

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