Plum Smooth

Plum Smooth Waxing Products
Plum Smooth Waxing Products
Plum Smooth Waxing Products
Plum Smooth Waxing Products

Practically Painless Waxing with Plumb Perfect Results™

You can trust Plum Smooth for gentle, effective waxes and pre- and post-waxing products that make the whole process as pain-free as possible. Plum Smooth waxes also contain antioxidant-rich plum seed oil to moisturize and revitalize skin.

  • Plumb Numb™ for temporary relief of discomfort or pain before waxing
  • Plumb Genius™ to help prevent bumps, ingrown hairs, and minor irritations after waxing
  • Plumb Soothing™ to calm irritated and inflamed skin after waxing or between appointments
  • Hard, soft, and sugar waxes for all of your waxing needs
  • Plum Pearls® to save time and money by controlling the amount you use and applying easily in one thin layer

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Plum Smooth Plumb Genius / 3.38oz

Purpose: For best results: Apply 2 - 3 times daily prior to hair removal, and then once daily to maintain clear skin.


Plum Smooth Plumb Numb / 1oz

Purpose: Apply to affected area not more than 3-4 times daily. Warnings: For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes. Do not use in large quantities, particularly over raw surfaces or blistered areas.


Plum Smooth Strip Wax / Cotton Candy / 16oz

Purpose: All-purpose depilatory wax used for facial, body, or bikini waxing services. Can be used on all skin types.

Price: $13.99


Plum Smooth Sweet Plum Soft Wax / 16oz

- Specially formulated to melt at low temperatures.
- Easy to use.
- Less painful to clients.
- Comes in a 16 oz. can so you get 14.3% more wax at a better price!


Plum Smooth Plumb Clean / 16oz

Purpose: Use this product as a pre-waxing cleanser.


Plum Smooth Plum Pearls Hard Wax Beads

Gentle, creamy, and easy to use!

Price From: $7.50 - $29.00


Plum Smooth Strip Wax / Naturelle'-Vous / 16oz

No added dyes or perfumes.

Price: $13.99


Plum Smooth Strip Wax / Honey Dew / 16oz

Purpose: Excellent for legs and sensitive areas such as the bikini line.

Price: $13.99


Plum Smooth Strip Wax / Blue Lagoon / 16oz

Purpose: This all-purpose strip wax is ideal for clients with sensitive skin.

Price: $13.99


Plum Smooth Stripless Wax / Bee-Lieve It! / 16oz

Purpose: Excellent for sensitive areas such as underarms, bikini line, upper lip, and facial hair.

Price: $13.99


Plum Smooth Hard Wax Tabs

Makes using hard wax quicker, easier, and less painful.


Plum Smooth Plumb Perfect Hair Minimizing Lotion / 8oz

Purpose: For plumb perfect results, use up to two times daily anywhere on the body you have unwanted hair that has been epilated.


Plum Smooth Cold Wax / Sugar Plum

Price From: $8.99 - $14.99


1-21 of 21 Items

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