Safety & Sanitation Essentials for Spas and Salons

Find everything you need to help keep your staff and clients healthy. Specially curated for salon and spas, our extensive collection includes sanitation, body protection, and barriers, plus resources to help you communicate precautions you've taken for your clients.

Keep surfaces, equipment, and tools free from germs.

Protect hands, faces, and bodies with sanitizers, masks, & more.

Practice distancing and keep sanitizer & PPE readily available.

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Sanitation & Disinfection

Effectively and efficiently clean, disinfect, and sanitize equipment, implements, and surfaces. Our innovative sanitation solutions are designed to meet the unique needs of spas and salons.

Surface Sanitation

Disinfect non-porous surfaces with wipes, sprays, and concentrates made for treatment rooms, workstations, small equipment, & more.

Tool and Implement Sanitation

Effectively sanitize your tools with tray soaks, UV sterilization, and autoclaves. Then store clean implements in sterile pouches.

Room Scale Sanitation

Sanitize large areas by using innovative methods, such as highly effective electrostatic sprayers, bi-polar ionization, or UV technology.

Eco-friendly Sanitation Options

Just as effective in killing bacteria and viruses as their traditional counterparts, these brands offer biodegradable ingredients that are gentler for the user and the environment.

Protection for Clients & Staff

From hand sanitizers to waterproof capes and lightweight eyewear, you'll find quality-tested items to protect your clients and staff.

Hand Protection

Keep hands germ-free with gloves, hand sanitizers, and sanitation accessories.

Body Protection

Choose from reusable or disposable capes and aprons to protect client and staff clothing.

Face & Eye Protection

Discover soft, breathable face masks, anti-fog shields, and comfortable eyewear.

Physical Barriers & Sanitation Stations

Show clients you're taking safety seriously by using barriers and sanitation stations throughout your spa or salon.

Barrier Protection

Meet distancing guidelines with guards and partitions, and protect your treatment tables with waterproof table and face rest covers.

Sanitation Stations & Dispensers

Make hand sanitizer, wipes, and PPE readily available to your staff and clients.

Free Online Education & Communication Resources

From modifying your spa menu to communicating seasonal offerings to your clients, you'll find complimentary courses here to learn new skills!

The New Sanitation Paradigm (Free Workshop)

This workshop reviews spa sanitation protocols specific to the different staff members within your business. It also shows you how to communicate your high sanitation standards to clients.

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