Valeur Absolue Safe Perfumes

If you prefer to read rather than watch the video, here's the transcript of the VitaJuwel Method video.

Valeur Absolue is a clean, safe perfume.

Well, you know, when we developed the formula for Valeur Absolue, it was very, very important for me to respect one rule, which was every ingredient ending up in a bottle had to have a very clear role to play and had to be indispensable to enhance the positive emotion of our collection. That meant that we took the decision to dare to look different and be different. Because we didn't use any coloring agents, the color of the perfume is actually the color of the ingredients inside. Typically on Serenitude, you can see it's a bit more brown because you see the color of the sandalwood and vanilla is a bit more orange and you see that in Confiance. So that was a decision we made. Let's, let's be who we are. Let's not hide and let's not put chemicals inside to pretend we are something different.

Same with chemical UV filter. You know, it's OK to be exposed to the light and evolve. So I decided not to put that. I refuse to put polycyclic musk as well, which is, as some of you might know, a challenge, but are in probably all the perfume on the market. No CMR either. Uh, and I'll explain a bit later in another video, maybe what this is. But believe me, you don't want them on your skin and, and, you know, and of course, no phthalates, none of the other things that we all know are bad. And sharing something a bit personal here. I suffer from an auto immune disease. And as some of you who know what this is know, it makes me very sensitive to the toxin and I have to be very careful on what I put on my skin and try to detox as much as possible. And so that's also why it was for me, so important to, um, offer a safe perfume to as many women around the world as possible.

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