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We’re ready to help you educate and train future wellness and beauty professionals!

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With over 40,000 customers in the spa and wellness industry, our buying power enables us to pass along significant savings to our partner schools. Browse our large selection of student kits, products, operational supplies, and equipment to see how we can serve you.

“Universal Companies has been our go-to source for equipment and supplies for years. The Student Kits are our favorite for our advanced education courses because they’re individualized for each student. So we no longer have to unpack stock, create kits, repackage kits, and dole. out supplies during class.The students love the kits because they leave with product to practice their new skills. Thanks, Universal Companies, for simplifying our lives!”

-Jennifer Atkins, Lead Massage Educator
International Massage and Spa Academy

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These kits are pre-packaged and ready for your students to use!

Offer training on trending skin care, beauty, and massage brands.

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Your students will learn on equipment that's high quality yet affordable.

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