The VitaJuwel Method Explained

If you prefer to read rather than watch the video, here's the transcript of the VitaJuwel Method video.

The Difference Between Gem Water and Tap Water

Since they only gave you some general insights on gem water, let me give you a few more details on the concept and the kind of benefits you get from it. I'm sure you've heard the term "water is life" before, right? Well, this is kind of a cheap add line because there's a lot more to it. See, scientists have discovered that water is one of the most fascinating substances on the planet. What you've learned in school is that water exists in three phases, ice, liquid, and vapor. See, it's all about the water structure and what changes water structure? Right. Energy like heat and cold. Some scientists even went as far as the claim that spoken words or words on a bottle can change a water's structure. Well, we don't know about that, but we do have proof that stones changed the water structure. If we take a closer look at the molecular structure of water, we can differentiate between two types, tap and bottled water and spring water.

The first image shows you a water molecule of regular tap water. Not very impressive, right? Take a look at second image. It's the same water after it's been treated with a VitaJuwel product. Scientists say that water you'd find directly from a natural spring would look that way too. Which would you rather drink? An easy explanation of why the molecule is a regular tap water looks so dull is that your drinking water has to go a long, long way from the spring to your mouth. It's filtered and purified several times. Most of the time, they add fluoride and other stuff. It goes through the pipes that are really old. Sometimes it's transported a long way in trucks, and if it's really out of luck, ends up in one of the million plastic bottles that people use every day and stays there for weeks or months before someone bothers to drink it.

Taste the Difference

In any case, it's totally out of shape. Its energy is at zero only dead, and this is what it tastes like. Lifeless water. Now, remember what Deanna told you about gems and frequency. Good stones breathe life back into the water. It's kind of like a natural reanimation, and the cool thing is, you can actually taste it. Try it for yourself. Pour a glass of your regular drinking water. Then compare it to one that has been sitting in the VitaJuwel product for at least seven minutes. Almost everyone can taste the difference in texture. If you liked this concept, you might want to try having a taste test with your friends.

Gemstones Revitalize Water

VitaJuwel has created a number of special gemstone blends based on the crystal healing concept that Deanna has previously mentioned. They have specialists who done a lot of research on those ancient recipes, and they reinterpreted those recipes and brought them back to life. Still not sure if you believe in gem water. Give me one more minute to tell you about the natural cycle of water. Imagine a single drop of water rising in steam from a power plant, rising ever higher and forming a cloud with a million other drops. What it'll do here, raining down to earth, sinking through multiple layers of rocks. Finally coming back up again as fresh spring water. Then as a stream flowing over stones and minerals, down a waterfall in the middle of a forest full of life, full of energy, fully regenerated. The stones regenerate the water. That's what happens in nature every second and in your VitaJuwel gem water bottle and decanter, too. No magic, simple science.

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