When you decide to bring in a new product or collection, it’s because of a number of possible reasons. Maybe the catalog pages made them look extremely appealing, or the samples that the vendor sent you to try out were irresistible. It could be the fact that a prominent style magazine or celebrity has put the product on their “Year’s Best” list that made you buy it.

A lot of effort goes into promoting and marketing a line, and the vendor works hard to get the right tools together for selling.

My advice is that you should tap into that effort by asking for the following 5 things from your vendor next time you introduce one of their collections:

1. Hi-res photos of the product. Vendors will use professional photography that aims to put their products in its best light. You can use these shots when you put together emails or social posts. Have them ready to go when you begin to tell your customers about your latest introduction.

2. Some free samples for your staff to try out the product. Nothing sells a product better than first-hand experience. If your staff gets a chance to try the new item, they can recommend it to your customers with confidence.

3. Is there a good story behind the brand? Find out if the vendor started their company with an interesting mission statement or if there is a special philanthropy that they support? Consumers love making a connection with a story that resonates with them. If you think the vendor's backstory has special meaning, share it with your staff and customers.

4. Press mentions or celebrity endorsements. When a high profile magazine or celebrity likes (or loves) a product, many vendors will produce graphics to showcase this special attention. These graphics make great social posts or printed out as shelf talkers.

5. Find out who else carries the product in your area. If you find out that another shop nearby carries the same brand, are they carrying the same collections? You can differentiate yourself by choosing unique products from the line, and then displaying them in your own distinct fashion. Exclusive offerings and unique presentations sell!

Most of the work is already done by your vendor to promote and sell their line, so asking them to share their tools will only make it easier for you. With these few key tools in hand you’ll be able to confidently and successfully introduce new items into your spa retail boutique.

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