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A Surprisingly Simple Strategy to Increase Spa Retail Sales

Does your spa or salon ever miss monthly retail sales goals? Even with top quality spa retail products and supplies, well-trained staff, and inviting spa product displays, retail sales can fall short of projections. If you have followed the standard advice for increasing spa retail sales without consistent success, try this surprisingly simple strategy to increase sales: start every service with a consultation. Don’t stop reading if you already provide consultations—it might be time to change them up!

How Do Client Consultations Increase Spa Retail Sales?

Clients trust their stylists, estheticians, and beauty technicians. Most clients look to them for education and advice about looking their best. When they suggest products, they're providing solutions instead of just selling retail products.

Client consultations allow clients to share concerns while spa professionals explain what retail products and supplies can meet clients’ needs. For example, an esthetician may learn that a client’s skin has become drier and their moisturizer is no longer right for the job. This creates a natural opportunity for the esthetician to educate the client about how and why skin changes and to suggest a product tailored to the client’s current skin needs. Using the product during the treatment and showing the client how it works greatly increases the likelihood that the client will buy the product.

Clients want to maintain the benefits of their spa or salon visit between appointments. If an esthetician tells them about a retail product that will help a bikini wax last longer, they're more likely to buy it. If a nail technician explains how to extend the life of a pedicure, clients are usually eager to follow expert advice.

What's a Client Consultation?

According to multiple surveys conducted by beauty product companies, most spa service providers say they provide a consultation before each service. In the same surveys, most clients say they don’t receive a consultation before spa or salon services. When consultations occur, clients report that they are too brief to be helpful. Clearly, there is a mismatch between what spa professionals think they are doing at the start of a service and how clients interpret that.

A consultation is an opportunity for the spa service provider to learn about the client’s needs, concerns, and desires. The interaction builds trust in the spa professional as an expert advisor. Consequently, investing in consultations develops relationships and customer loyalty.

Many consultations begin with a brief client questionnaire that informs the pre-service conversation. While most spas and salons use new client forms, many do not ask regular clients to complete any type of questionnaire. Asking a few brief questions at every visit encourages open communication and ensures client records are current.

Consultations should address the following:

  • The client’s expectations and desired results from the current visit
  • Any lifestyle / job / skin / hair / nail changes since the last visit
  • Any new questions or concerns the client wants to discuss
  • The client’s long-term goals related to the current service (such as growing out bangs or getting acne under control)
  • How the client feels about their current hair / skin / beauty routine and products
  • What the client thought of any new products tried after the last visit
  • Whether the client needs to restock any retail products or supplies

Clients want personalized services and advice that addresses their needs. Client consultations provide this. Even regular clients deserve a brief consultation each visit to ensure they receive individualized attention each and every time.

Client consultations strengthen client relationships and improve the likelihood that clients:

  • Feel valued
  • Are satisfied with the service results
  • Buy spa retail products and supplies
  • Book their next appointment before leaving
  • Agree to an add-on service or book an additional treatment for their next visit
  • Recommend you to friends
  • Write a favorable recommendation or online review
  • Join your loyalty rewards program

Properly Trained Staff Sell More Retail Products

Everyone at your spa should excel at making clients feel valued and comfortable. Every team member should also be skilled at low-key sales of retail products and supplies. Help your staff master these skills by providing professional development opportunities. Educate staff about the opportunities for retail sales before, during, and after services.

For example, an excellent client consultation and service should be seamlessly followed by a warm handoff of the client to the front desk staff. A smooth process and clear communication among staff increases sales of recommended spa products and supplies.

Interactive Product Merchandising & Display Areas Encourage Retail Purchases

In addition to receiving individualized product recommendations during services, clients should be invited to browse spa retail products and supplies in an attractive area. Displays should invite interactions. Encourage this with testers, visible pricing, and product information. All spa staff should be able to discuss the spa’s retail product lines with clients.

Most Spas Don't Realize the Full Potential of Client Consultations

If you are looking for a simple strategy to increase sales of spa retail products and supplies, look at how your spa handles client consultations. If they are reserved for new clients or are too brief for clients to recognize them as consultations, your spa may be missing out on revenue. Research shows that clients want advice about how to maintain the benefits of their spa and salon visits. When spa service providers explain the purpose of products they use, and recommend that clients try them at home, their likelihood to purchase increases. Satisfying client consultations lead to happier clients and increased sales of retail products and supplies.

Top Retail Products

Universal Companies is proud to have a team of experienced spa advisors on staff and welcomes you to consult with our professionals about spa products and supplies, including ingredients, equipment, and retail. Dedicated to the success of spa professionals everywhere, we're grateful to be recognized with multiple industry awards (thank you!) and proud to support the spa industry through mentorship and sponsorship.

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