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How Spa Consulting Helps Spas Succeed

The health and wellness industry is continuously evolving. Spas that spot trends and adapt to changing client needs succeed and grow. With the never-ending tasks of daily operations, though, it can feel impossible to find time to plan for future growth. That’s where spa consultants are invaluable because their expertise saves you time. Spa consultants help spa directors and their teams better understand the market and where to direct limited resources for maximum success.

Spa Consulting Services Strengthen Spa Operations

Many spa owners think of spa consulting as something that happens while designing a spa or when disaster strikes. Today’s spa consulting services, however, provide expert advice throughout the lifecycle of a spa or salon business. Spa consulting addresses a range of business needs to help spas remain relevant, competitive, and profitable, including the following:

  • Market analysis and growth opportunity planning
  • Financial review and consulting
  • Revenue optimization
  • Strategic planning and implementation
  • Product recommendations and training
  • Retail coaching
  • Marketing plans
  • Executive coaching
  • Team building
  • Employee coaching
  • Client satisfaction
  • Operations and Workflow

Setting and achieving goals to increase profitability requires expertise and dedication. Experts familiar with the health and wellness industry can make the process easier and more enjoyable. Two areas where spa consultants can be particularly helpful are setting growth goals and tracking progress toward those goals.

Spa Consultants Help Identify SMART Goals

Spa consulting firms help spa directors and management teams identify the most advantageous growth opportunities and develop steps to achieve them. Spa consultants’ experience with numerous spas and salons means they understand how to divide growth goals into SMART goals that keep entire teams motivated and on task.

The SMART acronym and steps are intentionally simple. Sophisticated businesses, however, often hire industry experts to help identify areas for growth or improvement, develop the goals, and implement the growth plan.

SMART goals are:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable
  • Realistic
  • Timely


Common growth goals for a spa might be to increase

  • treatment room utilization
  • retail to service percentage
  • client rebooking rate
  • client retention rate
  • revenue per guest


These are all important metrics for spas to track, and all represent areas for growth. But it is unlikely that one spa could increase all these metrics simultaneously. An experienced spa consultant will evaluate a team’s capacity and the market to properly sequence goals for optimal success.

Spa Consultants Use Metrics To Achieve Spa Growth Goals

Identifying SMART goals is an important step toward increasing profitability. Other essential steps include implementing the plan and tracking progress. Spa consulting firms help with this by identifying key performance indicators for the SMART goals. They teach teams how to measure progress and make adjustments to stay on track.

Many spas and salons already track key performance indicators. An objective outside review of your process can provide reassurance that you are analyzing the right information to achieve your growth goals. Or it might identify areas for improvement. Given the importance of the indicators to your long-term success, a performance audit is a small investment to make for your long-term success.

Finding Expert Spa Consulting Services

Since its start in 1982, Universal Companies has had the pleasure to work with some of the best and most creative spa consultants in the business. We are happy to share our list of consultants with our clients. We offer a chart of services provided by consultants we recommend, along with individual spa consulting listings with contact information and service details.

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