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Mythbusters To The Rescue! The Plain Truth About 9 Popular Spa Myths


Have you ever fallen for a commonly accepted idea and found out later that it was not true? We’ve all been there, following the crowd down the wrong road. It’s embarrassing, but worse, it can be dangerous when it comes to your work. It’s critical to know the truth when you’re performing treatments on clients and recommending products for home care.

The spa industry has its share of mistaken ideas, but we’re here to debunk those common myths and clear things up with the truth. We’re the Universal Companies Mythbusters! Let’s get started:

MYTH #1: Sponges can be reused as long as they are washed and placed in a UV sanitizer.
FACT: Sponges are porous and cannot be sanitized. Always dispose of them after each client.

MYTH #2: Some essential oils can be ingested, depending on the brand.
FACT: Pure essential oils are highly concentrated and are NOT safe for ingestion.

MYTH #3: Wax is hot enough to kill bacteria.
FACT: Heat alone does not kill bacteria. You should NEVER double dip. If you prefer a reusable applicator, I recommend you invest in 10-15 stainless steel applicators. After you apply the wax to the client, immediately place the used applicator in a wax remover solution. Use a new applicator each time. After the waxing service is complete, you can then sterilize your stainless steel applicators and reuse them. NEVER place your applicator, regardless of the type, back into your wax after the applicator has made contact with your client’s skin.

MYTH #4: Carrier oils do not have an expiration date.
FACT: Oils, just like creams and lotions, become rancid over time. It’s always a good idea to follow the printed expiration dates on products.

MYTH #5: When manicuring, it’s best to clip the cuticles to remove them.
FACT: You should never cut the entire cuticle. You should first push back the cuticle, and then clip only the dead part of the cuticle. Never remove the epiniculum, which is the live part of the cuticle.

MYTH #6: Mascara can be used until it dries out.
FACT: Mascara should be replaced every 3 months regardless of its consistency. Some mascaras will hold their creamy consistency well past their expiration date. It’s important to remember that expiration dates printed on mascara packaging reflect only the date the product will expire if UNOPENED. Once opened, the product expires within 3 months.

MYTH #7: It is perfectly ok to use tap water in my steamer.
FACT: Using anything other than distilled water in your steamer will not only void your warranty, but also will eventually prevent your unit from steaming properly. This is because tap water and spring water are not filtered in the same way that distilled water is. You should only use distilled water in your steamer.

MYTH #8: Lash extensions damage the natural lashes.
FACT: When applied properly, lash extensions cause no damage to the natural lashes. It is important that you select lashes that are a complementary length and thickness to your client’s lashes. It is equally important that customers care for their lashes properly in the weeks following the application.

MYTH #9: Mask brushes should last 6 months to year.
FACT: Depending on your state’s required method of disinfecting your brushes, the brushes’ lifespan will vary. Most states do require that brushes be soaked in a disinfectant solution; therefore, we recommend replacing your mask brushes after 10 uses.

So there you have it—the plain truth about some of the most prevalent spa myths. Any surprises? Any myths you’d like to see us address in the future? Let us know at In the meantime, we’ll stay vigilant and keep busting those myths wherever we find them!

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