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Choose The Right Furniture & Equipment For Your Salon

When choosing the perfect furniture and equipment for your salon, safety, durability, and comfort are key factors to consider. After you have determined what services and treatments you are going to offer, the excitement of the selection process begins. Here are a few tips to consider:

  • Depending on your services, check out the selection of salon stations and multipurpose tables and chairs. An equipment and furniture specialist can assist you with the options available. Having equipment and furniture that can meet multiple needs can save you money and time.
  • It is important to select equipment and furniture styles to coordinate with your salon décor and theme. All pieces should contribute to the environment you are trying to portray for your clients. Do not forget about first impressions. View your business setting from the clients’ experience. What do the clients see first and is it welcoming?
  • The selection of material is essential. Determine what material choices are practical for you, considering budgets, durability, and ease of cleaning.
  • Comfort is crucial for clients. They want to feel relaxed and cushioning, padding, and lumber support can help set the client as ease. This becomes especially important the longer the time of the services and treatments.
  • Comfort is also crucial for you. Be sure the table or chair is the appropriate height for you to perform treatments. Adjustable height tables and chairs are often vital. The more employees using the same equipment and furniture, the more important adjustable options become.
  • Attractiveness of the equipment and furniture is important, but be sure all pieces are sturdy and built solid.
  • Do not forget to check the warranty, guarantee, and the company’s reputation regarding customer service. This will mean much after the purchase.

Universal Companies has a dedicated equipment and furniture team of experts to answer any questions and assist you in deciding the best use of your budget. Call 800-558-5571 or email

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