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Client Spotlight On Spa Equipment

The Ice Spa, Anchorage, Alaska

It’s never a surprise to find ice in Anchorage, Alaska, but one foot into the Ice Spa on the 16th floor of the Sheraton Anchorage and you are compelled to kick off your mukluks, grab a jasmine tea and sink into the nearest cushy sofa. The Ice Spa, designed by Degen & Degen, Inc. of Seattle, managed by Remington Management, LP, and equipped by SpaEquip, Inc., was created around a few unique problems – low ceilings, several shafts in the floor plan that had to be worked around, and maximizing limited space while employing as much of the spectacular view of the mountains and the city as possible. These challenges ultimately provided a more intimate feel and cozier spaces within the spa. Lorraine Park of Remington Management explains the sleek, more masculine look: “Our mantra is ‘always in your element’ and Anchorage has a male-dominated population, so the feel is decidedly less feminine than in many spas. We used white and blue hues to echo the glacial colors that are prevalent in the Alaskan landscape, and warmed it up with deep taupe brown walls and natural wood.”

The equipment requirements were very important to this project, so Lorraine Park called in SpaEquip, Inc. In addition to the standard equipment the spa needed, the Sheraton wanted to provide specialized services to address a concern of the local population. “One of the pieces we installed was a SoliTone 2500 system – a multi-frequency light facial system that employs advanced technology to deeply penetrate skin levels and produce remarkable rejuvenating effects. This system is also helpful to those with seasonal affective disorder, a condition fairly common during the long Alaskan winters,” explained SpaEquip Account Manager, Loren Jackson.

SpaEquip worked with the construction and design teams and helped to solve some last minute problems. “I have worked with SpaEquip for 12 years, and their service is seamless from conception to end delivery,” says Park. “Plumbing was especially challenging on this project, and when the contractors needed answers on a very tight deadline, SpaEquip delivered with all the needed information just a few hours later. Their AutoCAD support is tremendous - it is so helpful to have the visuals, and the MEPs and specs they provide make things so much easier.”

Over 20 years of experience in handling every conceivable challenge with efficiency and professionalism has made SpaEquip the number one choice for the world’s top resort, hotel and day spa designers and consultants. Whatever comes up, we have probably handled it before.

SpaEquip and the Trump Tower, Las Vegas

The Trump International Hotel and Tower Las Vegas now includes The Spa at Trump, a 10,000 square foot full service luxury spa. SpaEquip worked with WTS International, one of the world’s leading spa consulting and management firms, hired by Trump to manage the project. WTS trusted SpaEquip to provide the equipment for this very high-profile project, and in the words of Will Geddis, WTS Design Associate, “The experience with SpaEquip could not have gone smoother.”

“SpaEquip went above and beyond all expectations,” says Geddis. “Turnaround time for quotes and revisions was very fast. Same-day revisions were almost always the case, and this was extremely helpful as the architect and the interior designers need specification info ASAP. SpaEquip always delivered. Ellie and Polly were delighted to answer any and all equipment-related questions, and Loren and the team were pleased to take the time to walk us through the various features of different equipment.”

On a project of this scope and prominence, changes are inevitable. Will Geddis: “SpaEquip didn’t miss a beat – they would always quickly source alternate options to find the best possible equipment solutions for our client, and they had the design capability to produce imagery of a custom shampoo chair instantly, so WTS and the design firm could review it – this was extremely valuable to us.

There were many technical questions, and the general contractors were put directly in touch with SpaEquip’s development team. They provided the contractors with specifications and technical information so they were able to keep on schedule with the install. SpaEquip understood our client’s equipment-related needs and they were the critical factor in making them become a reality,” said Geddis.

WTS has been the industry leader in spa consulting for over 35 years. They trusted SpaEquip to handle one of their most high profile projects. Colleen Stiritz, Spa Director for WTS International: “My experience was very good. Everyone from SpaEquip has been helpful and they continue to be supportive.”

From a project with “Trump” in the name, to a small independent spa/salon, SpaEquip is the first choice for spa equipment, supplies and support.

Spa Terra at the Meritage Resort

Could there ever be such a thing as a luxurious cave? The Meritage Resort in Napa, California made it happen, and called it Spa Terra. Designed to echo the opulence of Old World Florence, this 9000 square foot spa within the 22,000 square foot Estate Wine Cave is one of the more unique projects with which SpaEquip has been involved.

SpaEquip provided all the equipment to furnish Spa Terra, including scent-injected steam grottoes; a two-person soaking tub and other equipment for the couples room; full-surround SpaSwiss showers (a SpaEquip-designed Swiss Shower), and versatile multi-purpose spa tables with built-in pedicure basins. SpaEquip also provided a full site set-up of all facial equipment, furniture and supplies, as well as on-site training to the staff at Spa Terra for specific pieces of equipment.

Meritage developer, Tim Busch, enlisted the help of Lynn Curry, a consultant with Natural Resources Spa Consulting, Inc., to conceptualize and design the facility. Lynn recommended Philippe Therene, Manager of the Spa Accounts division at SpaEquip, to provide equipment and solutions to the challenges inherent in the installation of plumbed equipment 40 feet underground.

Spa Terra director, Victoria Boscarino is enthusiastic in her support of SpaEquip and its staff, “When I think of Philippe Therene, the first thing that comes to mind is: Guru of spa equipment! And so it would follow that his staff is composed of a great group of disciples following Philippe’s vision of service, dedication and commitment to clients like Spa Terra.

We chose SpaEquip knowing that, not only would we be guided into purchasing the best possible equipment for our spa, but that we would also save money in costs, given SpaEquip’s network with all the different manufacturers. In addition, we all know that no matter how well pieces are constructed, breakdowns are inevitable; knowing that SpaEquip is there to respond to our needs and take care of things, it alleviates stress and worry, and lets me concentrate on all the other aspects of my work. Thank you, Philippe, for your commitment to serving the spa community from the heart!”

Philippe Therene: “In our business, we see all the latest ideas and trends in spa development. The Spa Terra concept of a spa in a cave is very unique and very Napa Valley. We are happy to be part of their successful new venture.”

Whatever the location or special logistics of the spa you are planning, SpaEquip has the expertise to save you time and money by anticipating and avoiding problems. Call us today and let us know how we can help bring your vision to life.



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