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Starting Your Lash and Brow Business

When you’re starting your lash and brow business, you have many choices to make. Top priorities include location, décor, hours, service offerings, service and product pricing, client appointment system, and a marketing strategy. Compared to these, choosing your lash and brow professional supplies, products, tools, and equipment may not seem like a critical decision, but it is.

Your choice of lash and brow professional supplies, products, tools, and equipment affects more aspects of your business than you may realize. For example, you shouldn’t set your prices until you know the costs of your lash and brow supplies. Also, products that are easier to work with allow you to see more clients in less time. Importantly, the right eyelash and brow products can improve client satisfaction, retention, and referrals.

Since your choice of lash and brow products and equipment is such an important investment in your business’s success, consider the following suggestions as you start your lash and brow business.

Stock Lash and Brow Supplies That Meet Your Clients’ Needs

You know your clients. Whether they are trend-setters, trend-followers, or simply looking to enhance their natural beauty, your brow and lash products should provide what they are looking for.

If your clients are inspired by the hottest beauty trends, have supplies on hand to create those looks. Likewise, if your clients want to look like a prettier version of themselves without dealing with mascara or brow makeup, then be prepared to achieve a natural look. Most lash and brow businesses provide a range of options, while some focus on creating a few specific “looks.”

Plan Ahead for Lash and Brow Aftercare

Fabulous-looking eyebrows and eyelashes require proper at-home care. After creating the look your client wants, ensure it lasts as long as possible by educating her and making sure she has the supplies she needs.

Some lash and brow products wear better than others. Some product lines require special supplies and others don’t. If the lash and brow products you use on clients have a line of aftercare products, be sure to stock those in your retail area and suggest them after the service.

Choose Lash and Brow Supplies and Equipment That are Easy to Use

One of the benefits of services like lash extensions and brow tinting is a simplified daily beauty routine. That benefit is reduced when lashes and brows require a lot of extra products or care. Clients should expect to provide some at-home care, but it should be minimal.

Lash and brow products and equipment should also be easy for you to use. While enhancing your skills is something you always want to do, you don’t want time-intensive training for every new product you use.

“Easy-to-use” also means a product that you can apply efficiently and without much mess. Quicker application and quicker cleanup mean that you can serve more clients in the time you have, which increases your earnings.

Choosing the Right Lash and Brow Products and Supplies is an Investment

Purchasing lash and brow supplies, products, tools, and equipment is a bigger commitment than just the money you pay for the items. By the time you make a purchase, you have probably consulted with a knowledgeable product specialist or spent hours researching and reading reviews.

Once your order arrives, you must learn how to use the products, including any tools and equipment needed. In addition, you need to understand what aftercare products and procedures are suggested, and how to educate your clients about the product line.

The beauty industry is evolving by the minute with new formulations, new product lines, and new companies. Staying on top of the trends, ingredients, and results can feel like a full-time job. That’s when it’s time to lean on product specialists you trust. At Universal Companies, our product specialists take time to understand your needs and the needs of your clients and to suggest the best products, supplies, and tools for your lash and brow business.

Many of our product specialists are licensed estheticians, massage therapists, and cosmetologists, so they know what it’s like to invest in a new product. They also know what it’s like to be starting a new business or expanding your offerings. They’ll help you quickly make the best decision for you and your clients. Once you’ve chosen your lash and brow supplies, products, tools, and equipment, you can move on to other decisions that will make your business successful.

Universal Companies is proud to have a team of experienced spa advisors on staff and welcomes you to consult with our professionals about spa products and supplies, including ingredients, equipment, and retail. Dedicated to the success of spa professionals everywhere, we're grateful to be recognized with multiple industry awards (thank you!) and proud to support the spa industry through mentorship and sponsorship.

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