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Fall Beauty And Makeup Trend Report

The seasonal shift from summer to fall is rapidly approaching, and just like lower temperatures, new fall trends will settle in for the coming months. That means you need to be ready for clients on the hunt for fall color palettes, new makeup tools, innovative techniques, and specialized beauty regimens.

Fall Color Palettes

This year, long-lasting metallic lip colors are making a big statement for the fall. Bright, bold, jewel-toned colors with a fair amount of glitter mixed in will be among your requests from clients.

As always, traditional, warm fall color palettes are still showing to be among the biggest sellers. Just as pumpkin everything goes into full seasonal trend, expect warm eyeshadow colors, like burnt orange and rose gold, to be staples in everything from event makeup to everyday wear.

Fall Innovations and Techniques

Major makeup brands are looking to up their mascara game with everything from rolling ‘pizza cutter’ style mascara wands to traditional brush style wands with squeezable tubes. Use one of these new tools in a lash and brow service or add-on and see what it can do for your retail revenue.

We should see an increase in customers willing to try colors and styles outside of their comfort zones. For better or worse, highlighting and contouring are still on trend, but contouring is not ranking as high as it once was in social media.

South Korean Beauty Regimens

This interesting beauty trend has been steadily on the rise over the past several years. South Korean skin regimens have as many as eight to sixteen steps. This is drastically different from the days where estheticians thought three steps with a double cleanse was too extensive to convince a customer to use in their at-home care. With South Korean beauty techniques becoming more commonplace, customers are increasingly aware of the importance of serums and concentrated skin care products in their beauty routines.

South Korean Makeup

The makeup associated with Korean beauty and K-Pop includes cushion foundations, lip stains, and light brow definition. These have been staples in the East for years, but they’re becoming more commonplace in the West with major makeup brands introducing customers to items like CC and BB creams. Unlike your average foundation or moisturizer, these multipurpose creams find a happy medium in consistency, with the added benefits of SPF and antioxidants. On top of these useful creams, you have cushion foundations, which are like a cream that comes in compact form for easy travel and application.

The look integrates a fresh face with a wash of color on the eyes and a beautiful gradient lip. The gradient lip is becoming more popular and on trend, with application being easier on the wearer and the artist applying the color. The concentration of color at the center of the mouth fading outward is a lip look that’s gotten easier for consumers to apply and wear over the last few years.

Seasonal Trend Takeaways

The great thing about trends is they reach an apex and either evolve into a beauty standard or fade away with other fads. Your seasonal trends of richer deeper colors will always tend to show up in the colder months, while pops of lighter color will dominate from spring through summer. Enjoy makeup; play with colors, styles, and textures. But remember, in the end, the best color in the world is the one that looks good on you or your client, no matter the trend.

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