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How Do I Choose The Correct Massage Modality To Specialize In?

First and foremost, pick a modality that you are not only interested in, but excited about, as well. Too many times we add a modality because we need CEUs and “modality A” was simple and cheap. If you constantly pick modalities this way, before long you may find your menu too full with random services.

If you draw a blank at the thought of a new, more specialized modality, it may be a good time to take a look at your competition and see where you fall short. For example, if everyone else is offering hot stone massage, you may want to steer away from that on your menu. If no one nearby is specializing in pregnancy massage, this may be your niche modality. Other specialized modalities include but are not limited to aromatherapy and reflexology, as well as trigger point, shiatsu, and Thai massage. Whatever specialized modality you decide on should bring your clients added value, and possibly reach out to clients that have never sought your services. And, of course, any new service should provide more income to your practice.

It’s also important to remember that a specialty massage should be able to stand alone as a service, and not only be considered an add-on service. That said, a small sampling of this new specialty as an add-on would make a great tool for building your business.

Once you’ve decided where your passion for specialized massage lies, consider checking out Universal Companies’ CEU eLearning program. We have a great variety of quality, convenient, and affordable massage and bodywork CEU course so you can further your education and stay current in your field, too. And Universal Companies customers receive an exclusive 10% discount on massage CEU courses accessed through Pro Resources on our website!

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