Chocolate + Peppermint Scrub & Rub

Menu Description:

A showerless salvation for dull skin and weary muscles! Antioxidant-rich chocolate and stimulating peppermint buff skin smooth and deliver a tension melting massage.

Cost Per Treatment: $6.41
Time: 60-90 minutes
What to Charge:
60 minute (30 min scrub + 30 min massage) $80-$175
90 minute (30 min scrub + 60 min massage) $150-$225

What You'll Need:


  • Place 1 cube of Eco-fin Pleasure Chocolate and 1 cube of Eco-fin Escape Peppermint in a heat-resistant bowl or bottle with pump, place in a hot towel warmer until completely melted, and stir together well. You'll need 2 complete mixtures in separate containers for the scrub and massage portions of the service.
  • Roll damp towels and place in your hot towel warmer.
  • Fill a clean, sanitized salt or sugar shaker with the Spa Pantry Sugar Cane Crystals.
  • Prepare your massage table by putting on a fitted sheet, covered with a large bath towel, followed by a flat sheet to use for draping.
  • Consult with your client and ensure there are no contraindications that would prevent them from receiving this service.


  • Sunburn, skin conditions (psoriasis or acute acne), open sores, and pregnancy. Not for use on the face.

What to Do:


1. Take client to the room and explain the products to be used, the steps of the treatment, and the benefits that will be achieved. Step out of the room after instructing client to lie on the table face down under the flat sheet, over top of the bath towel.

2. Re-enter the room and ask the client if the table and temperature are comfortable. Keep in communication with the client on comfort.

3. Uncover both legs and gently dry massage entire leg using the Exfoliating Gloves in short, brisk, upward strokes toward the heart. Re-drape the legs and uncover the back, beginning dry massage with the same strokes. When complete, re-drape the back.

4. Remove Eco-fin mixture from the hot towel warmer. Be sure to test temperature prior to application to ensure it's not too hot for the client.

5. Uncover 1 leg and apply mixture from foot to hamstring evenly. With your Sugar Cane shaker, apply directly over top of the covered area.

6. Beginning at the heel, work the entire calf and hamstring area gently in circular motions, avoiding pressure on the popliteal area. Uncover the other leg and repeat process.

7. Take a prepared warm, damp towel and compress, starting at the top of the leg. After compressions, wipe off product and re-drape the leg.

8. With a new towel, compress and wipe product off of the other leg. Re-drape the leg when complete.

9. Uncover the back area and gently apply your Eco-fin mixture, followed by the Sugar Cane Crystals. Scrub gently in large circular motions over the entire area. Work from the lower back to shoulders.

10. Work scrub over shoulder area and down each arm to the palm of the hands. Do not work in-between fingers.

11. Take 1 damp, heated towel and compress, then remove product from the back, moving from the lower back to upper back. With a new damp, heated towel compress and remove product from each arm. Re-drape back and arms.

12. Have client turn onto their back, keeping the drape in place.

13. Using the Exfoliating Gloves again, repeat the process of dry exfoliation (as explained in step 3) on the legs, décolleté and shoulder areas. Remember to do 1 area at a time, using circular motions from the top of the foot to the quadriceps area.

14. Apply the mixture Eco-fin mixture to each exfoliated area, followed by the Sugar Cane Crystals. Use gentle, circular motions to scrub each area one at a time.

15. Using a new warm towel on 1 leg at a time, complete compressions and gently remove the product.

16. Repeat the process on the décolleté and shoulder areas. Remember to do 1 area at a time, using gentle circular motions.

17. Take 1 damp, heated towel and compress the area before removing the scrub.

18. Assist the client to sit up. Roll the bath towel toward the client and assist them back down to the supine position, having them gently raise hips so the therapist can pull down the remaining bath towel.

19. Remove your second dish of Eco-fin mixture from the towel warmer and use to perform your standard massage techniques.

20. Excuse yourself out of the room so that the client can get dressed.

Pro Tip: Include the cost of the Exfoliating Glove into the set treatment price and send it home with your client after the service. Exfoliating Gloves are not recommended for use on different clients.

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