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CND Sweet Almond Spa Manicure


A journey cradled in sweet almond and jojoba oils and vitamin E. Breathe in. Exhale. Relax. A soothing menu entrée to comfort and indulge your clients time after time – with an escape only you can provide.

CPT: approximately $8.64

What They'll Want:

Accessories / Equipment Required:



Polish remover

Plastic-backed, lint-free pads

Nail clippers

Cuticle pusher

Cuticle nippers


Large bowl

Small bowl



What to Do:

Step 1: Cleanse and Shape

  1. Begin every service with a refreshing hand wash with liquid soap and warm water. Sanitize your client's and your hands with CoolBlue™.
  2. Remove color with a lint-free, plastic-backed pad soaked with ScrubFresh™.
  3. If nails are dry and brittle, place a bowl with enough room for 10 fingers into a larger bowl filled with enough warm water to encase the smaller bowl without overflowing. Then pour enough Almond Milk Bath into the smaller bowl to fully immerse the fingertips. If nails are thin and flexible, trim length and shape the extension edge prior to placing the hands into the Almond Milk Bath.
  4. After soaking for 3–5 minutes, pour in an equal amount of warm water to create a
    conditioning milky solution. Have the client swirl their fingers to mix.

Step 2: Cuticle Removal

  1. Remove one hand from the bath and dry (trim and shape nails if not already done).
  2. Apply a pearl-size drop of CuticleAway evenly on the nail plate around the cuticle area of each nail.
  3. Gently slide a cuticle pusher along the nail plate toward the eponychium and along the lateral folds to lift and loosen any cuticle on the nail plate.
  4. Use a curette to check and remove any cuticle along the lateral walls of the nail plate and the corners of the eponychium area.
  5. Use a manicure nipper to carefully remove the loosened cuticle tissue, as well as any loose pieces of dead skin or hangnails.
  6. Cleanse the skin with liquid soap and warm water to neutralize and remove all CuticleAway

Step 3: Condition and Exfoliate

  1. Squeeze a pearl-size drop of Cuticle Eraser™ onto each eponychium and thoroughly rub into the skin.
    Without removing the Cuticle Eraser, apply a drop of SolarOil™ to the base of the nail plate and surrounding tissue. Massage thoroughly into nails and skin. Leave on nails through next step.
    For 1–2 minutes, massage a scoop of Almond Moisture Scrub onto the hand to gently exfoliate the skin. Use long effleurage strokes on the hand, followed by a brisk circular motion. Concentrate on areas of extreme dryness or calluses on the palm, and rough spots around the eponychium area.
    Rinse the hand with water from the bowl and remove scrub with a moist, soft sponge. Dry with a clean towel and wrap to keep warm. Repeat the exfoliation steps on the other hand.

Step 4: Moisturize

  1. Massage Almond Illuminating Masque onto both hands to coat evenly. An optional enhancement to the service is to pre-warm the masque in a small container submerged in warm water only. When drizzled on the hands, it will create a warm sensation for the client and its light almond scent will permeate the room.
    Wrap both hands in clean towels and allow the masque to penetrate for 3–5 minutes. For faster penetration, insert the wrapped hands into heated manicure mitts.
    Remove hands from towel and wipe away excess Almond Illuminating Masque with clean water and a moist, soft sponge. Dry with a towel.

Step 5: Massage

  1. Warm enough Almond Hydrating Lotion between your palms to thoroughly massage the hands and arms up to the elbow.
    1. Tapotement. With flat fingers, make quick circular vibration movements on the top of the hand from the knuckles to the elbow.
    2. Petrissage. Then relax all planes of the arm by moving back down to the ends of the client's fingers with a kneading petrissage motion. Repeat steps a and b three times.
    3. Friction. Next, with the "ball" of your thumb, massage between the radius and ulna bones of the forearm starting at the wrist and moving up the arm to the elbow.
    4. Petrissage. Squeeze back down the arm with both hands, squeezing the muscles of the forearm. Repeat steps c and d three times.
    5. Friction. Turn your client's hand over and lock your fingers together with hers. Open her palm and massage with your thumb using deep friction movements to stimulate circulation in her hand. Feel for tension and work each muscle to relax the hand.
    6. Petrissage. Slide your thumb into her thumb and massage in downward and circular motions on the outer edge of the thumb. Repeat three times.
    7. Friction. Use your thumb pad to perform circular movements at the base of each nail, and then massage the entire finger. Finish with a gentle pull. Repeat these steps three times on each finger and the thumb.
    8. Tapotement. To finish, use light tapotement movements on the top of the hand and arm, then finish with quick vibration on the forearm.
    9. Wipe hands and arms with a clean towel to remove any excess lotion.
    10. Apply Almond Soothing Crème to dry patches of skin for added moisture.

Step 6: Final Refinement and Finish

  1. Double check for stubborn cuticle and debris by pulling back the lateral folds (sidewalls) of the nails with your fingers and use a curette to gently remove any remnants.

For a High-Gloss Buff

  1. Buff to a high shine with Girlfriend™ Buffer if there are slight ridges in the nail plate.
  2. Buff with a Glossing Buffer or Glossing Block to create a thin protective film for long-lasting shine and protection.

For Color

  1. Gently remove the shine from the nail plate, in the direction of the nail plate growth, with the 2400 grit side of a Girlfriend Buffer.
  2. Use ScrubFresh™ to remove oil and debris from the nail plate.
  3. Apply a thin coat of Toughen Up™, Stickey™ or Ridge Out™ base coat.
  4. Apply 2 coats of nail color and allow to dry for 5 minutes.
  5. Seal and protect with a coat of Super Shiney™ or Air Dry top coat. Remember to seal edges to extend wear.
  6. After 1 minute, spray each nail with SolarSpeed Spray™ to quick-dry nails and condition the skin.

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