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Massage Flame Warm Candle Massage

Menu Description:

Prepare for a truly unique massage experience! Before the massage begins, you will select your personal candle from a variety of therapeutic fragrant blends, designed to address your individual mood. Crafted with all-natural emollients, the warm massage oil is poured over your body and massaged into the skin for a relaxing treatment that leaves skin silky smooth and irresistibly scented. After your massage, you will receive your candle ($19 value) to continue the spa experience at home!

Cost Per Treatment: $9.50
Time: 60 minutes
What to Charge: $150

What You'll Need:

  • Massage Flame Candles
      • Bliss / C3545
      • Citrus / C3546
      • Ice / C3549
      • Fire / C3551
      • Tranquility / C3552
      • Tropics / C3553

Additional Recommended Supplies:

  • Linens or Towels for Draping
  • Spa Wrap / Robe


  • Do not apply pressure on bony prominences of the body.

  • Do not perform on clients with cancer or undergoing chemotherapy; diabetes mellitus; osteoporosis; showing signs of breathlessness, pain, fluid retention, extreme pallor, swollen legs, or have high blood pressure or a history of heart, circulatory, or respiratory disease (should have clearance from their doctors before proceeding); hypertension; thrombosis; phlebitis; rheumatoid arthritis; and epilepsy or seize-related disorder (should have doctor approval).

  • Avoid bruises, broken skin, skin lesions, skin infections, skin irritations, varicose veins, healed varicose ulcers, abdomen during pregnancy or menstruation, and recent scar tissue (4 weeks to 6 months depending on severity of scarring).

What to Do:

  • 1. Set the ambience of the treatment by utilizing salt lamps, diffusers, and music.
  • 2. Allow your guest to select the candle with their desired fragrance. While your guest is changing, remove the selected candle from the gift box and light the wick. Allow the candle to melt until a full pool of oil has formed.
  • 3. Prepare the treatment table for massage by utilizing linens and towels for warmth and properly draping your table.
  • 4. Assist your guest to the treatment room and onto the table, lying face down.
  • 5. Drizzle a small amount of warm oil from the candle into your hands. Pro Tip: Because the oil melts at 100˚ F, it's safe to apply to the skin. It can be poured into your hand or applied directly on the skin. When applying oil to sensitive areas, you should pour lightly or apply to your palm prior to use.
  • 6. Proceed with your massage using the techniques of your choice.
  • 7. Once you're finished with the oil, dip the wick of the candle into the remaining oil to extinguish the flame. Do this to avoid disrupting the elegant aromas created by the massage oil. The candle will begin cooling back to a solidified state.
  • 8. Massage the remaining oil into the skin and finish the massage.
  • 9. By the time the massage is done and your guest is prepared to leave or move on to another service, the candle will return to a solid state and can be returned to the gift box.
  • 10. End the massage by pulling the top sheet to the client's waist and placing the robe over their back and shoulders. Place slippers by the side of the table so the client can slip into them as they exit. If the table is electric, lower it so that the client can exit easily
  • 11. Offer the candle to your guest as a gift with purchase.

Service Enhancement Suggestions:

  • The candle can be used in combination with a hot stone massage or other massage techniques. Use the oil from the flame to pour over and around the heated stones and massage as usual.
  • Use 2 candles simultaneously with a single guest, expanding the therapeutic benefits of multiple aromas, blending the oils through continued massage.
  • Integrate Massage Flame Candles into a romantic couples massage. Each person selects a different yet complementary fragrance. During the massage, swap fragrances to create a therapeutic and aromatic concoction. After the massage send them home with both of their candles.
  • Dry brush your client prior to the treatment to enhance the effectiveness.

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