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Sea & Sun Exfoliating Massage Treatment

Menu Description:

This exhilarating treatment begins with a luxurious French sea salt and sunflower exfoliation, infused with a vibrant blend of essential oils—including lavender, lemongrass, and eucalyptus—to invigorate the body and stimulate the senses. This potent mixture is rich in trace elements and is perfect for sloughing away dead skin. After your exfoliation, you’ll be treated to a revitalizing blend of refreshing peppermint and sunflower oil to cool and soothe tired muscles.

Cost Per Treatment: $5.27
Time: 60 minutes
What to Charge: $80-$125

What You'll Need:

What They'll Want:


  • Perform a thorough consultation with your client prior to the service, asking probing questions and checking for any contraindications that may prevent them from receiving the service.
  • It's expected that the professional massage therapist conducting the service is familiar with each muscle, muscle group, and how they are affected by specific movements.
  • Review the treatment with the client so they will fully know what to expect. Review each product that you will be using.


  • Allergies (relating to the products), burns (including sunburn), skin rashes or conditions, open sores or wounds, fractures, acute pain or injury, muscle and tendon ruptures, muscle and tendon partial tears, contusions, rheumatoid arthritis and gout, bursitis, infection of the skin and soft tissue, thrombosis, artificial blood vessels, bleeding disorders, tumors, swelling, high blood pressure, pregnancy, and cancer.

Pre-Service Preparedness

Note: Since each client has unique needs, this protocol doesn't include step-by-step instructions for the treatment plan and is expected to be incorporated into a customized massage composed of varying massage techniques.

  • 1. Mix your scrub. A good base for the mixture is 2 oz. of French sea salt with 1.5 oz. of the Sunflower Carrier Oil. If your client has sensitive skin, you may use more oil than salt during the mixing process. If you're in need of a more aggressive exfoliation, you may use less oil.

  • 2. Create your custom Peppermint & Sunflower Massage Oil using a base of 1 oz. of the Sunflower Carrier Oil and 5-6 drops of the Peppermint Essential Oil.

  • 3. A Vichy Shower is recommended for use during this service for removal of the exfoliating salt scrub. Simply cover the wet table with 2 large bath towels, one for the client to lie on top of and the other to cover them for modesty during the service. After rinsing, you may blot your client dry and begin the massage portion when directed.

    • If you don't have access to a Vichy Shower, you may have your client use a regular treatment shower instead. Dress your standard massage table with a fitted sheet and 2 large bath towels during the exfoliating process. One bath towel will be used for the client to lie on, the other will be used to cover them during the service for modesty. While they're rinsing away the salt, make sure your treatment table is clean of all salt prior to the massage.

    • If there are not shower options available, you may use a standard massage table for the service by dressing it with a fitted sheet and 2 large bath towels. One towel will be used below the client and the other will be used to cover them for modesty. You may then remove the salt scrub exfoliating products with warm, wet towels. We recommend heating your towels in a hot towel warmer prior to the service. After removing all of the salt, have the client lift up accordingly to remove the lower towel, providing them with clean sheets to lie on.

What to Do:

  • 1. Show your client to the treatment room. Instruct them to undress to their lowest level of comfort and to lie on top of one of the bath towels, covering themselves with the other towel. Direct your client to lie in the prone position.
  • 2. Knock and re-enter the treatment room. To begin the service, drip a couple of drops of the Relaxation Oil onto the palms of your hands, allowing the aromatic scents to fill the room. Encourage your client to take deep, slow breaths.
  • 3. Apply the French Sea Salt & Sunflower Exfoliating Scrub in long strides starting at the client's feet, moving up to the ankle, and then onto the leg. Remember to pay extra attention to any rough calluses on the foot or dry areas of the skin.
  • 4. Once both legs are thoroughly exfoliated, repeat the process beginning at the lower back and moving upward to the shoulders. Continue the exfoliation process on the shoulders and down the backs of the arms.
  • 5. With your client modestly draped, assist them into the supine position on the massage table.
  • 6. Begin the exfoliation on the tops of the feet, moving to the ankle and up the legs. Pay extra attention to any rough calluses or dry areas.
  • 7. Once you have completed the leg areas, begin exfoliating the tops of the shoulder and down the arms.
  • 8. In light circular motions, exfoliate the décolleté gently.
  • 9. You may now remove the sea salt scrub in your preferred way. Pro Tip: See the preparation steps for our recommended removal options.
  • 10. Once all of the salt scrub has been removed, you may begin the full body massage portion of the service using the Peppermint infused Sunflower Oil.
  • 11. End your service by dropping another 2 drops of the Relaxation Essential Oil onto your hands and encouraging your client to breathe in the aromatic properties. Thank them for participating in the service and instruct them to rise up gently and re-dress once you have exited the room.
  • 12. Once your client has had enough time to dress, knock and re-enter the room. Discuss the service with your client, review the products that were used, the treatment benefits, and the best at-home instructions for them to follow. Recommend that the client check out the take-home products in the ESS Relaxation scent.

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