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Ask The Expert: How Can I Create The Perfect Skin Care Room?

“I am a licensed esthetician planning to rent space with a friend who is a massage therapist. We’ll each have our own treatment areas and I’m wondering how I can create the perfect skin care room?” – Brooke D., Biloxi, MS

The perfect esthetics room is one that is comfortable and efficient for the practitioner, inviting and well-appointed for the client, and sparkling and accessible for everyone (including the state inspector).

First Things First

Treatment room cleanliness is a direct reflection on estheticians, whether they are renting the space, own it, or are working shifts in a spa. It is also something each professional has the ability to maintain, even in environments where their individual preferences are not reflected in the décor or functionality of the treatment room. Ask yourself, “Are the products neatly presented and in clean containers? Are floors and cabinetry clean of oil stains and fingerprints?” Make sure personal items like your cell phone, water bottle, etc. are put away and not visible to a guest.

Look at the treatment room through the eyes of your client. If you feel you cannot be objective, ask a trusted friend to look around and point out things you have learned to “live with” and no longer “see” on a daily basis. I assure you, clients notice small details and will share their observations with their family and friends.

Many resort spas employ consultants to help them realize the most effective use of the space, including layout of the treatment rooms and decorating ideas. Trade publications frequently feature similar ideas on their advertising pages, as does Universal Companies’ annual Spa Equipment Book. Individual practitioners and day spa owners can benefit by combining the expertise of professionals with their own vision. After all, this is your dream and it should be reflective of your individual style.

Guide to Getting Started: Wants vs. Needs

Start with your “Nice to Have” list. At this stage, your list should be a general outline of everything you would like to have in your treatment room. List items that are absolutely necessary to do your job, as well as little luxuries that will make your work easier or your client’s experience better, like that warming drawer and the water fountain you always wanted!

Once you are satisfied that you have listed everything, re-evaluate. Now add one more column to your list: “Must Have.” Move the necessities, such as treatment table, practitioner chair, and hot towel cabi, from the “Nice to Have” side to this new list. Then consider each remaining “Nice to Have” item separately.

Would it be nice to have a water fountain in the room to create an ambiance and help muffle any outside noise? Absolutely! But are you in the position to afford the water fountain now? If not, perhaps you can create the same environment by playing soothing music on a CD player or an iPod® station. If this is not an area where you are willing to sacrifice, move it to your “Must Have” column. Otherwise, keep it in the “Nice to Have” column and work to make it happen in the future.

Where should you draw the line on compromise? Practically speaking, the ergonomics and comfort of your work area should take priority over the decorative features. As you finish the list, be objective in narrowing down your “Must-Haves,” as they will be your foundation of the perfect skin care room for you and your clients.

For more information and help from Universal Spa Equipment specialists, call 800.558.5571.

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