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Bring More Clients through the Door: Endless Marketing Opportunities with Norvell® Sunless Tanning

By Crystal Gryniuk-Mears, Norvell Skin Solutions, LLC

Whether temperatures are soaring or snow is on the ground, Norvell keeps it sunny inside your spa. As clients peruse your spa treatment menu, they expect to see massage, facial, nail, and even hair and makeup services available for booking. However, in the last few years more and more spa-goers are happily discovering (and often demanding) the addition of sunless tanning treatments at their favorite locale.

With many sun safety campaigns in the media and on the minds of the consumer, it is not enough to tell your guests not to tan. Instead, you must offer them an alternative. Savvy spa directors realize that having that alternative available at their spa means the client is beyond satisfied and that profits are certain to increase. But instead of going into detail about SKUs and product knowledge, let us share specific examples of how sunless tanning will help you get more clients through your doors.

Day Spas often see themselves at a disadvantage relative to resort spas because they do not have clients on hand to market to each day. However, because day spas are often privately owned, they may be more nimble than larger entities and can partner with like-minded businesses in the community without a lot of red tape. This means their marketing opportunities are endless! Here are just a few specific examples to get your creative juices flowing…

Bathing Suit Stores

In your community, you may have a special store that sells swim wear or you may even approach a department store such as Nordstrom.

Idea 1: Offer a discount off a spray tan service for customers that purchase swim wear over a certain dollar amount. The store will love that you are helping to get them a high dollar sale and you may get a new customer. After all, you know they are planning on wearing that new bikini soon!


There is a funny saying: "If you can’t tone it, tan it." This creates a great idea for working with local gyms to share customers. Whether their client is in tip-top shape or a work in progress, nearly everyone feels better about their bodies when they’re tan.

Idea 2: Offer a discount to personal training gym clients for their first sunless tanning session with you. What’s in it for the gym? Provide them with a gift card to raffle off. All of the people who sign up for new memberships within a certain month will be eligible to win.

Car Dealerships

No, we haven’t lost our minds! Luxury car dealerships like Mercedes-Benz have the kind of customers you want at your spa.

Idea 3: Meet with the marketing director at your local luxury car dealership. Offer a free spray tan at your location as a gift from the dealership to all customers who buy a convertible. This is a clever little gift for those who will be rolling around with the top down.

Spray Tan Party

Let your current clients make the introductions for you. Word of mouth is always the best advertising.

Idea 4: Invite one of your most loyal clients to host a spray tan party at your spa. You provide the champagne, hors d’oeuvres, and a free spray tan for the guest of honor. In return, she brings up to 10 (but no less than 5) of her friends!

Often, when you work at a resort spa, much of your day is taken up assuring you are exceeding client expectations and meeting the standards laid out for your department. That can lead to the paralysis of your creative muscle and not recognizing opportunities resort-wide that may positively affect your bottom line. When clients essentially live with you for a short time, you have the unique ability to garner their attention in a myriad of cross-selling ways. Here are just a few specific suggestions to consider and to get that creative muscle flexing again…

Gift Shop

It happens all the time. Someone stops in to buy the one small item they forgot to pack and come out with bags full of treasures.

Idea 5: Attach a hangtag to the hanger of each bathing suit. It should read something like, "Now that you’ve found the ideal suit, we can give you the perfect tan! Visit the spa to learn more about our sunless tanning services."

In Room

Unlike other spas, once the client is in their room, you have a captive audience.

Idea 6: Have housekeeping place a pre-printed cling or post-it note on the full-length mirror of every room. Consider wording such as, "Like what you see? Let us help you LOVE it! Visit the spa to learn more about our sunless tanning services."


The word "resort" is synonymous in most minds with some sort of swimsuit wearing facility, whether it’s a whirlpool, swimming pool, or beach.

Idea 7: Resort towels are typically white and located in a few convenient locations for client use. Add a fun framed flyer that reads, "Feeling as white as these towels? Stop by the spa to get a sunless tan. By tomorrow, it will look like you live on vacation!"


Many spas experience seasonal occupancy highs and lows. During the downtimes, you may need to reach outside of the resort to the locals.

Idea 8: Entice locals to visit the spa by offering a, "Stay the Day, Only Pay for a Spray" incentive. If they book a spray tan, you will waive their facility fee. This means they can enjoy all the saunas, whirlpools, and relaxation areas for free, and finish off the day by paying for their spray tan.

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