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November 10, 2015

Keep Clients Loyal With These 5 Esthetician Extras

To maintain success, an esthetician’s responsibilities are twofold: assisting her clients in achieving healthy, beautiful skin and demonstrating the value of maintaining skin through professional skin care treatments and products.

It’s the latter that can be the most challenging in our industry, since estheticians are always up against the belief that their services are a luxury or indulgence that can be sacrificed when time or finances are limited.

So how do we demonstrate the value of professional skin care and ensure that our clients have an experience that transcends the typical every time? To maintain a solid, loyal client base, commit to bring the following five “esthetician extras” to the chair for each client:

1. Make like a chameleon

The first step to winning over clients is to make them feel completely comfortable when they’re in your chair. If a client is shy or seems anxious, refrain from over-sharing about your weekend or probing into her personal life. On the flip side, if your client is an extrovert, bring the friendly banter, but keep the focus on her. Your job is to quickly assess her personality and demeanor and adapt to it accordingly. That said, try to keep her actual treatment time sacred and free from too much chatter—especially of the sales-y variety—even if she’s a conversationalist. A relaxing experience will win a return visit, and quiet time is crucial to crossing over the threshold to calmness and tranquility.

2. Listen

Clients want to be heard, especially when they are seeking assistance with something that troubles them. Even more, they want to be seen as individuals. Much like a successful doctor-patient relationship, a good esthetician-client connection depends on your ability to listen and her ability to trust you. Build that rapport by always starting the appointment with “listening time,” during which she can openly express any concerns she has about her skin or her scheduled treatment, and provide you with a detailed rundown of her current regimen, including the products she uses. Additionally, encourage her to ask questions at any time, and “check in” periodically to ensure she is comfortable.

3. Create a customized experience

As mentioned, your client wants to feel like an individual, rather than just the next body in your chair. Prior to the treatment, perform a skin analysis so that her facial can be customized based on your evaluation of her skin care needs at that time. Any Control Corrective facial can be customized with simple modifications or add-ons based on the season or specific skin issues your client is experiencing. One easy-to-implement and always popular addition is a soothing hand treatment with Skin Nourishing Balm.

4. Give frequent freebies

Who doesn’t love a good sample or “gift with purchase?” When clients feel you are going the extra mile or offsetting their investment with an “extra,” they’ll be more likely to rebook. Include a free Essential To Go Kit in the treatment price so they can experience their recommended at-home treatment regimen in its entirety, and be generous with product samples. Control Corrective samples are chic, available in eco-friendly packaging, and a great way to familiarize clients with new products.

5. Make treatments a retreat

While the primary reason for visiting an esthetician may be clinical in nature, the secondary reason should definitely be for pleasure. Just as most people rely on massage to both soothe sore muscles and supply an hour of blissful solitude, a facial should provide that same relaxing, retreat-like experience. When clients view a facial as an investment in their skin and their mental health, it holds more value.

To this end, create a luxurious and welcoming environment that includes ambient lighting, soothing music, and subtle, universally appealing aromatherapy. Comfortable waiting areas with reading materials, beverages, and fresh flowers also add appeal. Maintain extreme attention to detail when it comes to cleanliness, and try to create the same aesthetic experience for clients every time, whether it’s the fluffy robe on the chair or the candle burning on the counter. It’s these special touches that will make it harder for clients to stay away.

What “extras” do you or your estheticians rely on to maintain a loyal clientele? Share your ideas with us on the Universal Companies Facebook page.

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