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How Speed Waxing Can Add Value & Revenue to Your Business

January 28 • Nails • By Inez Laval, Education Director, 360 Wellness Education

Over the past 20 years, the demand for waxing has heightened and become a stable revenue source for estheticians and cosmetologists. Some businesses only offer waxing services, which has made it highly competitive. Now is the time to focus on improving or developing your waxing skills. Speed waxing, in particular, offers greater efficiency, helping you grow your business and encouraging client loyalty.

Speed waxing is one of the most sought-after waxing skills in the beauty industry, second to Brazilian bikini waxing. The reason for this is because it maximizes your time, allowing you to accommodate more clients in less time, helping you earn more money per hour. Shorter waxing times also help meet clients’ needs for greater convenience.

What Is Speed Waxing?

Speed waxing is the ability to wax an area quickly without having to go over the same area twice. I know what you’re thinking–how can you wax an area without having to go over it twice? The answer is simple: You can achieve this using the Advanced Speed Body Waxing Zone Method.

The Waxing Zone Method

The Waxing Zone Method teaches you the body zones, hair growth direction, wax application and removal. In this method, all the body parts are zoned, numbered, and marked to create synchronicity. Its timing provides efficiency and a consistent waxing experience every time. Knowing where you’re going to wax and in what order, prepares you for the service.

Staying Organized

Along with synchronicity, organization is also key to speed waxing. Having all your supplies within reach helps you to move in a calm, methodical fashion. Speed waxing can be difficult to accomplish if your workstation is cluttered. Trying to find your tools during a wax can cause confusion and frustration, extending your waxing time. Then, stressing over time can cause anxiety, which can lead to mistakes, and possible discomfort for your client. Being as organized as possible alleviates these issues and allows for you to focus on offering a stellar waxing service.

Managing Client Expectations

When it comes to speed waxing, managing your client’s expectations is extremely important. Being honest and knowledgeable about your craft builds trust with your clients. This trust keeps your books full even during what the industry considers the “slow season.” The best way to avoid a slow season is creating a loyal clientele and educating them on hair growth cycles and the benefits of adhering to a waxing schedule.  

Waxing Offers Opportunity

If you don’t have waxing services on your menu, this would be a great time to add them. Due to the mask requirements during the pandemic, facials have been prohibited in many states. Waxing services haven’t been hit as hard because you can still wax the body and brows, making this service very attainable for clients. Many people are looking for ways to get beauty services, so why not turn that facial client into a waxing client?

COVID-19 has adversely impacted the spa industry, so it’s important to diversify your offerings by adding or expanding waxing services. This is a great time to invest in yourself and enroll in waxing classes to brush up on your skills or develop new skills. To get started, visit the UCo Learning Network for on-demand classes. For live stream courses, visit 360 Wellness Education for dates and times.

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