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4 Reasons Why You’ll Want Protective Face Masks by Fashionizer Spa

June 1 • Wellness & Sustainability

To help prevent the spread of COVID-19, many states have already started to implement mandates for the use of facial coverings when out in public. With disposable mask shortages becoming an issue worldwide, it is clear that supply is not capable of meeting demand. On top of that, the CDC is requesting that the general public wear cloth face masks to ensure the medical grade face masks and respirators are prioritized for healthcare workers.

Though you may find reusable cloth face masks just about anywhere online, most of them are made with only one layer of cotton or polyester fabric. Additionally, many don’t look professional and aren’t designed very well, leaving the wearer with an inferior fit. In fact, one of the reasons that fabric face masks cannot offer the same high level of protection as full medical masks is the level of fit.

As a spa or salon professional, you need a mask that looks professional and fits nicely. This is why we’re excited to partner with Fashionizer Spa Uniforms, a respected London-based company that normally supplies uniforms to luxury spas and hotels all over the world. Since the pandemic, they’ve focused their design skills and materials to make reusable earloop face masks to help keep spa professionals safe.

Fashionizer designed their masks to ensure that they’re comfortable to wear in a working environment. They aren’t meant as medical devices or to be worn in high-risk environments, but they are of benefit in managing the risk of infection in spa or hospitality settings.

So why should you choose Fashionizer Wellness Masks? Here are a 4 good reasons:

1. Performance Fabric & Antimicrobial Treatment

Since you’ll be wearing masks all day, soft, breathable fabric that feels fresh is important.

Most of the Wellness Masks are made with Cotton Performance Fabric (CPF), which is exclusive to Fashionizer Spa. This unique combination of cotton and Lycra® with rPET (recycled polyester) makes them breathable, flexible, and comfortable. It also offers a crisp professional look.

To help prevent odor buildup, the masks are also treated with antimicrobial Silverplus® ion technology, which uses the complex properties of silver ions to prevent the production of odor-causing bacteria within fabric. This helps them stay fresher for longer, allowing the masks to be washed at lower temperatures.

2. Highly Effective

Fashionizer Wellness Masks have been tested by Nelson Labs in Salt Lake City, UT, a leading global provider of laboratory testing and expert advisory services for MedTech and pharmaceutical companies. Here’s a brief breakdown of the testing:

What was tested? The filtration efficiencies of the masks as a function of stopping aerosol particulates from penetrating the mask. This test method has been specifically designed for measuring bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE) of medical face masks.

How did they test it? Tests were performed to ASTM F2101–19 and BS EN 14683:2019 standard, which specifies the construction, design, performance requirements, and test methods for medical face masks intended to limit the transmission of infective agents from staff to patients during surgical procedures and other medical settings with similar requirements.

Five masks were compared, so that an average result could be achieved, and the testing could ensure consistency of performance of all Fashionizer masks.

The results! Fashionizer masks are 77% effective, which is at the top end of the fabric face masks performance. (Surgical masks start at 70% and N95 masks offer 95% - 99% protection.)

The tests suggest that Fashionizer masks will offer a good level of protection and assist to protect your staff and guests.

3. Layered & Lined for Extra Protection

These earloop face masks feature 3 layers of fabric:

Outer layer: CPF (cotton performance fabric) or 100% cotton, depending on the mask.

Middle layer: All masks feature a non-woven middle layer to filter the air.

Lining: All masks are lined with 100% cotton for softness, breathability, and moisture regulation.

4. Designed for Comfort & Style

Fashionizer masks are available in a variety of designs and colors for both men and women. Some are made in classic solid colors, and others in playful prints that allow for personalities to shine through––even when wearing a mask.

Each mask has a comfortable, adjustable nose wire and elastic ear loops to allow a perfect fit every time. No slipping or tugging!

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