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November 11, 2014

Do You Have Clients Who Suffer from Migraines? Migraine Miracle® Can Help Take the Pain Away By Kelly Lott, LMT, MTI, NCBTMB Provider, CIMI

Everyone seems to know someone who suffers from migraines. In fact, nearly 50 million people in the US suffer from migraines. This is 1 in 6 of the clients walking through our doors! Eighteen million people are in emergency rooms every year for severe migraines and headache pain. Western medicine has very little to offer suffering patients except pharmaceuticals or Botox® injections, and drugs prescribed for migraines can cause serious long-term side effects.


Now migraine sufferers can get relief without the use of drugs and injections. Migraine Miracle helps relieve migraine headaches using a breakthrough natural and holistic method. Best of all, practitioners will be resolving debilitating headache pain with an alternative protocol that customers want.

The Migraine Miracle treatment takes 30 minutes to perform, and the suggested fee for the service is $60-$80. It is a straightforward treatment that the practitioner can perform all day using minimal exertion. I created this revolutionary, holistic, and natural treatment specifically for massage therapists and spa practitioners who want to offer their clients dramatic and immediate relief for all kinds of headaches. Recently featured on the Discovery Channel, FOX News, CNN, and MSNBC, the heart of Migraine Miracle is the fusion of three things:

  • Headache point release massage techniques
  • Custom designed cold marble stones that contour along key headache sites comfortably, decreasing the pressure of dilated blood vessels
  • Four custom proprietary aromatherapy blends, developed specifically to counteract the top four headache causes



A first step in stopping a migraine headache is to calm the brain, and an effective way to achieve this is with aromatherapy. Aromatherapy is a gentle, non-invasive natural remedy utilizing the scent of essential oils to produce general well-being and promote balance and harmony within the body.

The client will smell each of four separate essential oil blends, one at a time, which helps to identify one of the four triggers (food, environment, stress, hormones). The most appealing oil is used during the treatment session. The body and brain instinctively know which blend will help to bring back balance. If a client reacts positively to more than one blend, there are probably multiple triggers involved, which is common. Aromas must be subtle, as migraine sufferers commonly have reactions from strong smells.

Cold Stone Therapy

Heat causes pain to worsen by increasing blood flow to affected areas. However, cold stones cause a decrease in inflammation. After cooling to approximately 36 degrees in the refrigerator, custom designed marble stones are placed strategically on the face and neck for the desired effect of decreasing inflammation. Most migraine sufferers love the feeling of the cold marble stones, which remain cold longer than gel packs, and within a very short amount of time they start to feel true relief.


Choosing the desired aromatherapy blend, a practitioner will perform a series of headache point release techniques to help each client reach a calmer state. As a caution, you do not want to increase the blood flow to the neck and head, as doing so may result in accelerating the migraine pain. Practitioners may find that clients who are suffering from a migraine have several trigger points and very tight necks, and although not working on these areas sounds counterintuitive, the best thing to do is leave these areas alone. The goal is decreased blood flow, and stimulating these areas can have the opposite effect. My experience has shown that cranial sacral techniques are a wonderful accompaniment at this point in the treatment. After the headache is gone, at another treatment time, I suggest the practitioner work the tight areas to help prevent future headaches.

Trigger Timing

If at all possible, the practitioner will want to see the migraine client the same day they feel symptoms coming on because timing is critical in warding off the headache before it takes full effect.

With busy schedules, however, you may not always be able to see a client immediately as symptoms arise. You can work alongside your client to identify triggers that might be causing their migraines, and scheduling monthly maintenance treatments may help eliminate the onset of migraines. Whatever the trigger may be, being more aware of when a migraine may happen can help both the practitioner and the client anticipate when a migraine therapy session might be needed.

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Kelly Lott is the leading spokesperson for natural and holistic treatments for migraines and headaches. She was recently voted into the Hall of Fame at the World Massage Festival, and she is a nationwide certified massage instructor through The National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork. Kelly graduated from the Chicago School of Massage in 1991, and has 23 years of experience in her professional practice. In September 2013, Kelly was invited to present Migraine Miracle at the National Conference of the American Massage Therapy Association.

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