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Founded in Germany by Sebastian Kneipp, a pioneer in naturopathy and hydrotherapy, Kneipp offers holistic bath and body care for spa treatments and retail.

Plant-Based Holistic Wellness for 130+ Years

Based on Sebastian Kneipp’s lifelong naturopathic studies, Kneipp professional treatments are designed to enhance your clients’ well-being. Between spa visits, promote a healthy lifestyle and encourage self-care through Kneipp’s home care and wellness concepts. All Kneipp products are dermatologist-tested and cruelty-free.

Kneipp spa treatments and home care recommendations are based on Sebastian Kneipp's healthy lifestyle philosophy, these 5 basic principles: Water, Plants, Exercise, Nutrition, and Balance.

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How can I introduce the 5 Pillars of Wellness to my spa?

Water: Considered the core element of Sebastian Kneipp’s five pillars, water treatments are easy to incorporate into your spa through soothing soaks or contrasting hot and cold water baths. For an excellent enhancement prior to a massage or facial, pour 2 teaspoons of your favorite Kneipp bath oil in a warm bath and allow clients to enjoy for 15-20 minutes.

Plants: By featuring Kneipp products in your professional treatments and retail boutique, you are fulfilling this important pillar. Incorporating plants and herbs, such as devil’s claw, eucalyptus, and arnica, Kneipp products harness the benefits of nature to encourage good health.

Exercise: Viewing it as an integral part of daily wellness, Sebastian Kneipp encouraged gentle exercise routines that could fit into any schedule. If your spa features a pool or fitness center, encourage clients to take a dip or walk slowly on a treadmill. If your space is limited for equipment, simply invite guests to take a relaxing walk outside.

Nutrition: Kneipp believed that nutrition should focus on making healthy, conscious decisions about the food we consume. Encourage clients to create a balanced diet by adding in more fruits and vegetables. Check out the resource center for printable client cards, which can be given as a gift with service or added to retail bags.

Balance: Used in combination with the other four pillars, balance is the key to combining all of the practices to encourage a better overall lifestyle. Invite guests to develop a regular spa routine to help them relax, reduce stress, and center their mind and body.

How can I encourage clients to utilize the 5 Pillars of Wellness at home?

Water: The same water rituals that your clients enjoy in your spa can be practiced in their own homes. Encourage clients to pick up their favorite products from your retail boutique and establish a weekly in-home spa day routine.

Plants: By purchasing plant-based Kneipp products from your retail boutique, clients are fulfilling this important pillar. Incorporating ingredients such as juniper, lavender, and red poppy, clients can put the benefits of nature to work in their daily lives.

Exercise: Talk to clients about their current exercise routine and encourage gentle daily activities such as walking, biking, swimming, or hiking. When they come back for their next appointment, ask what workouts they have been enjoying to keep the topic on their mind.

Nutrition: Inspire clients to create a balanced diet by sending them home with recipes on our client cards. At follow-up visits, ask which meals they tried and invite them to share their favorite nutritious recipes.

Balance: Help clients create a balanced mindset by giving tips for relaxing and de-stressing when life gets hectic. In addition to making time for the other four pillars, encourage clients to unwind by unplugging, reading a book, listening to calming music, or meditating.

I have limited retail space. How do I choose what to display from the extensive list of Kneipp products?

Trying out different products in your professional treatments and keeping a note of client favorites is a great way to choose what to offer in your retail area. For small spaces, we also recommend rotating your display monthly or seasonally to keep things fresh. Check out more merchandising tips here. >

Do the colorants in Kneipp products stain tubs or sinks?

No. The food-grade colorants are used in the products to provide added benefits through color therapy and will not stain sinks or tubs. Used for hundreds of years, color therapy is a holistic practice based on the idea that different hues have unique effects on our emotional state.


From reflexology to aromatic body compresses, Kneipp’s herbal formulations offer many benefits for your clients.

Steamy aromatic body compresses provide targeted relaxation for overworked clients. Potent arnica and mineralizing salts deliver soothing support, while the senses delight in the aromatic blend of rosemary, pine, orange peel, and eucalyptus.

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Invigorating rosemary and orange extracts combine with tension busting pressure point massage techniques and moisturizing botanicals to promote full body wellness, plus softer, relaxed, and healthy feet.

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For fitness fanatics, stiff travelers, or those who just overdid it! This 10% arnica tincture treatment helps revitalize and soothe overworked muscles, connective tissue, and joints with targeted relaxation.

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Many more protocols are available!

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Client Care Cards


Inspire good nutrition and balance with these cards. They’re ready to print and share with your clients after a treatment or in a retail bag.

Easy Recipes Encourage Good Nutrition

Of the Five Pillars of Wellness, good nutrition may be the most challenging for busy clients. Including an easy recipe with home care purchases is a unique way to encourage healthy habits. Download Recipes Now >

Relaxation - Breath work inspires peaceful balance and rest. Download Now >

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Arnica is one of the biggest trends in wellness right now. According to Google Analytics and Google Ads, “arnica” is an extremely high-value search term, receiving 74,000 searches every month.

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