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Focused Plant-Based Blends for Mind & Body

Transcend Expectations with Experiential Therapies

More than aromatherapeutic cupping services, Bellabaci treatments integrate South African herbalism and intuitive blend selection through a scent and color ritual. This enables your guests to instinctively address their individual needs, resulting in a transformative mind-body experience.

What you’ll find on this page:

The Bellabaci Difference

Offers your guests extraordinary treatment benefits that they won't find anywhere else.

Intentional Formulations

Blended by Dr. Sandi Nye, a naturopath, Bellabaci formulations include a synergistic combination of vegetal oils, essential oils, and plant extracts. Beneficial vegetal oils act as a carrier while essential oils stimulate the senses. These luxurious fusions amplify cupping and massage therapies, providing a treatment like no other.

Proudly made in South Africa, all Bellabaci wellness products are certified cruelty-free and vegan by PETA.

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Foundation of Modernized Cupping

Being the first to offer hand-squeezable silicone cups, Bellabaci pioneered modern cupping. Therapists can glide or park the cups. If the cups are used for stationary cupping, they leave minimal marking or no marking at all. Additionally, they help therapists reduce wrist strain and don't require heat or pumps.

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Systematic Approach to Health & Beauty

By incorporating Bellabaci's formulas into your cupping, Swedish, or deep tissue massages, you're able to magnify the effectiveness of your treatments and get exceptional glide. The system's versatility uniquely positions it to be incorporated into lymphatic drainage services, lip plumping, age-defying facials, sports massage, cellulite treatments, and more. Its flexibility also allows you to grow revenue with add-ons and expand your full-service menu options.

Wellness Formulation

Available in a variety of product types, these focused formulas address your guests' specific concerns. You can integrate them into any service to enhance the guest experience and suggest retail sizes for home care.

Formulated for massage and cupping treatments that provide lymphatic drainage, Circuflow delivers a stimulating feel to the skin.

Energizing juniper berry, calming butcher’s broom, and other hand-selected plant oils invigorate sluggish tissue.

For services focused on the abdominal area, this herbal compound assists your comforting touch.

Made with horsetail and bladderwrack extracts, this blend aids services that work to remove excess fluid.

Ease worried minds with a massage that engages calming pulsatilla and St. John’s wort extracts.

Excellent for clients experiencing achiness, this restorative formula invigorates tired mucles.

Great for body and facial treatments, Skin Get a Life balances moisture levels for a healthy, moisture-kissed glow.

Nourishing rosehip oil mingles with revitalizing carrot, and pennywort to blur fine lines and other imperfections.

Excellent for sports massages! These emulsions were made for athletes and physically active clients.

Cups, Mitts, & Tools

From lip plumping to cellulite treatments and sports massages, there's a cup size and strength that supports your menu offerings. These hand-squeezable cups also reduce wrist strain, helping therapists maintain productivity and well-being.

Bellebaci mitts are popular backbar choices for facial services, exfoliating treatment enhancements, and sunless tanning product removal. They can be offered as a gift with service or washed and reused. Bulk packs are available for the copper mitts, and each one is individually wrapped and budget-priced to keep your costs down.

Bellabaci medical grade silicone cups are easy to use and allow you to offer services anywhere–from the treatment room to poolside.

Cupping offers a relaxing experience, enhances the feel of products on the skin, and promotes a refreshed appearance. It's designed to gently massage and invigorate the skin.

Deliver super smooth exfoliation, effectively slough away sunless tanning products, or remove makeup.

Get Started with Professional & Retail Kits

After professional cupping treatments, encourage your clients to extend their treatment results with these home care kits. With your help, they can learn how to cup between appointments for glowing skin or daily body care.

Test Bellabaci to see if it's the right fit for your spa–kits make it easy!

Created to accommodate body and facial cupping treatments, pro kits contain a sizeable variety of cups and strengths.

These 3-step facial and body care rituals offer everything your clients need for at-home cupping.  

Contact us for more information on opening orders & bringing Bellabaci into your spa:

Skin & Body Care

This array of boutique products offers a body sculpting polish, a coconut oil-based balm to reduce the itching associated with stretch marks, and more.

Respiratory Wellness

Offer your clients alternatives to messy chest rubs. Ths collection is formulated with pleasant, clarifying essential oil blends to help them breathe deeply.

Training, Education, & Protocols

Your team members can learn at their own pace with on-demand training and education!

Free Staff Training & Certification

Our staff training is your one-stop-shop to learn everything you'll need to know about a brand. From brand introductions to product overviews, you'll learn why a brand is special, get trained on their hero products, and learn key differentiating factors.

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CEU Courses for Cupping Massage

Learn cupping from one of the country's top educators and earn CEUs! In these online courses, you'll gain new cupping skills, discover how to use cups for a variety of services, plus master self-care for overworked hands and arms.

Service Inspirations & Protocols

Browse the most popular services incorporating Bellabaci. Each service inspiration and protocol provides details on how to perform the service, plus cost per treatment and suggested price.

Front Desk Cheat Sheet

This guide provides tips and other supplemental information for front desk staff to answer guest questions.

Launch Resources

From detailed integration videos to ready-to-use marketing assets and customizable collateral, here's a glimpse of the resources we've prepared for you to launch Bellabaci at your spa.

Digital Marketing Resources

Engage customers and drive traffic with pre-made social media posts and email templates.

Social Media Posts

We partner with licensed professionals to write copy for each post. These posts can be used as is or customized with your personal touch.

Brand Introduction Posts >

Customer FAQs Posts >  

Service Promotion Posts >

Let clients know how cupping therapy can benefit them.

Customizable Retail Display

Capture your clients' attention by beautifully displaying your Bellabaci retail products.

This elegant bamboo & clear acrylic display holds products and an 8.5" x 11" graphic.

Browse a variety of designs and messages, including holiday promotions, gift with purchase, and more!

Choose your graphic, personalize it, print it, and slide it into your Customizable Retail Display.

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