Infrared Loungers by Fabio Alemanno Design

A family-owned business, Fabio Alemanno Design has designed and crafted high-end wellness equipment for over 40 years. Cut from a single block of flawless marble, their infrared heated loungers and treatment tables are ergonomically shaped, endlessly customizable works of art.

Infrared loungers envelop the entire body, offering a profound penetrative effect that enhances the body’s natural regenerative processes.

The radiant warmth aids in temporarily increasing blood circulation–providing clients a truly unique wellness experience.


With its adjustable tilt angle, this lounger offers optimum relaxation and a zero-gravity effect.

Contemporary and beautifully tiled, this handcrafted lounger embodies timeless elegance.

Encourage unparalled comfort to your guests with an ergonomically shaped lounger that offers a heated marble bed.

It features an adjustabe tilt angle, and an infinitely variable control for individual preferences.

Functional Elegance

There are many ways that these artisanal pieces can enhance the guest experience. In addition to serving as luxurious relaxation amenities, they can provide a standalone service or complement your treatments. The sculpted marble material complements the infrared heaters to offer the benefits of traditional therapeutic heat methods, like hot stone or fango packs.

Guests can enjoy heat therapy indoors, outdoors, and in wet areas. Integrated rollers allow mobility and plug in & play design makes setup easy. Loungers also feature a jointless surface area for effortless cleaning.