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FAQs: Potential Shipping Delays & Price Changes

Shipping delays and price changes may occur due to several factors, including ingredient and packaging shortages, high fuel prices, ongoing pandemic issues, and other factors.

Why do some products reflect a price change? 

Universal Companies strives to maintain our costs and provide stable pricing to all our customers. All prices appearing in our catalogs and on our website are subject to change without prior notice. 

Due to supply chain issues, surges in the prices of raw materials and packaging, along with increased energy and labor costs, we sometimes find that raising prices is unavoidable. Please know we’re constantly monitoring the market and we work closely with our vendor partners to make every effort to mitigate price changes.   

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If the item is out of stock, why can't I order it?

We have changed our website settings so that you are not able to order out of stock items at this time. We decide to mark a product as out of stock when our manufacturer is unable to provide stock for an indefinite period of time. Our apologies for the impact this has had on you.

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What is the status of my order delivery? 

If you placed an order on our website, the status of the order can be found under “My Account.” Fulfillment statuses are updated each night and will be represented each morning.  
“Pending” means that the order is still in process and will remain until all backorders are filled on your order.  
“Shipped” means that your order has been fulfilled and shipped from our warehouse in Virginia.

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Why did I only get a few items and not the entire order? 

Products are shipped out of our warehouse as stock is made available. If you ordered a backordered item, product fulfillment may slow or halt due to supply and demand. We will do our best to ensure you receive the products you ordered as quickly as we receive them into our warehouse. 

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What is happening with the order I placed? Why is it on backorder? 

Your item may be on backorder because the manufacturer may be experiencing a shortage of raw materials or there may be shipping delays. 

SUBSTITUTIONS: If you placed an order in the last 30 days or more and we have a substitution, we’ll be reaching out to you over the next week with products that are readily available for us to provide to you. Please check your email (including your junk folder).  
CANCELLATIONS: Due to the incredible strain on raw goods and materials for some items, we are unable to provide an in-stock date on some products. We are cancelling those orders. You will receive a cancellation notice and full refund. Please note your bank may take up to 10 days to provide you with the credit.

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How do I cancel my order?

We understand that life is moving quickly right now. If your product has not shipped, you may send an order cancellation request to info@universalcompanies.com and reference the order number and items you want to cancel. We will send a confirmation email to validate if the request can be honored.

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How long will it take my credit card to be refunded?

We will cancel the order and issue the credit right away. However, bank policies regarding refunds vary. You can expect a refund on a cancelled or returned order to take up to 10 business days from the time we process it.

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Can I still make returns?

You may return any product* in new condition and appropriate for resale within 45 days of purchase for a refund.

After 45 days, you may return any product* in new condition and appropriate for resale for a refund, less a 20% restocking fee.

Items returned to Universal Companies after 90 days will not be accepted for return or returned to you.

*Exceptions: copyrighted materials, HAZMAT items, custom orders, drop-shipped items, and equipment without a return authorization approval from our Customer Service Department.

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