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How to Create a Google Ads Campaign for Cupping

Online advertising allows you to promote your spa services to people who are most likely interested in your spa treatments while filtering out those who aren't. And you can track if those people clicked your ads. This gives you the opportunity to reach potential clients via desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

We’ve done the research for you and gathered the keywords you’ll need. Just provide them to your Google Ads team. They can also apply them to your specific area and know the number of people searching for you to add frequency to the ads.

As you make your way though these instructions look for the icons that tell you how easy or difficult it is to perform the given task. We have broken them down into three categories: Easy, Moderate and Hard.

Easy: With only basic knowledge, the average business owner knows or, can learn in one day, how to perform this task

Moderate: Advanced knowledge of website platform or many hours of research/training is required to complete this task.

Hard: Hard tasks will either require several dedicated days of research and training, or, they require hiring a professional.

Log into you Google ads account

Creating a Google ads campaign designed to help you make money selling cupping services and products presupposes your spa business currently has a google ads account. If your spa does not have an account already setup you can learn how to create an account here.

Download a Google ads import tool

Click on the link here and select the blue button that says "download Google ads editor". Once you have downloaded the tool you will need to connect it to the Google ads account you have already setup.

Connect the editor to your Google ads account

Once you have the basic ads editor opened you will need to have two windows open and copy the given API key from your Google ads account to the Google ads editor.

Import the Google ads File

To download the pre-made Google ads click here. From the Google ads editor, import the downloaded CSV file.

You now have a new campaign in your Google ads account

You will need to click into your google ads account and configure your new campaign. The items that will need to be configured ate the ad spend, ad locations, and you will need to add your URL and business name to the ads.

Once you have dont this your campaign is ready to run.


Creating a google ads account, adding a campaign and importing ads is a very difficult thing to learn. Consider hiring a professional if you don't know how to complete the steps listed above.

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