Drive Retail Revenue & Increase Efficacy of At-Home Skin Care

Intrinsics at Home essentials are a retail win-win! Your clients receive the texture, absorbency, and durability vital to proper product application and removal. You enjoy an easy upsell opportunity for all your skin care offerings. Packaged for retail, these premium facial supplies won’t shed or fray, just like the ones you trust for your services.

These cotton wipes gently remove makeup, dirt, sweat, and other impurities from face and body.

Formulated with white tea and bamboo botanicals, these soft wipes leave no residue. Light cucumber and green tea scent.

Clients can gently remove makeup or apply toner with these cushiony, multi-layered cotton rounds.

These gentle wipes remove product easily by offering a gripping texture.

Help clients comfortably keep hair away from the face during daily skin care and makeup routines.

Clients will love the silky feel of these and that they won't soak up expensive skin care liquids.

Provide a gentle yet effective cleansing and exfoliation experience for smoother, more radiant skin. These wipes feature a special textured weave that sloughs away impurities, helping to reduce the risk of breakouts.