Hospital-Grade Disinfectants Developed for Spas & Salons

Effectively disinfect against spa and salon-relevant pathogens in 1 minute! Powered by Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide® (AHP®), Prevention Disinfectants work up to 10x faster than other brands, offering you quicker treatment room turnovers. Designed for frequent use, they're non-irritating to the skin and eyes. Plus, they're fragrance-free and won't interfere with aromatherapy. Case packs are available for extra savings!

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Learn about AHP®, Rejuvenate’s fast, clean, and highly effective active ingredient.

Wipes offer a fast, convenient way to disinfect surfaces.

Stock up on extra labels, sprayers, and bottles.

Learn proper disinfection and show clients that your spa or salon is protected.

Introducing Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide® (AHP®)

This spa and salon disinfectant works up to 10x faster than other brands, offering you faster treatment room turnovers. Safe for the skin, AHP® breaks down into water and oxygen, reducing your environmental impact.

Wipes & Sprays

Conveniently and quickly disinfect your surfaces! All wipes are EPA-registered and meet OSHA's bloodborne pathogens standard. Case packs available for additional savings.

Get strong, fast surface disinfection with this generously sized canister of 160 wipes.

Perfectly sized for workstations & mobile services!

Simply reuse your existing canister and refill it with the disinfectant wipes you trust. The compact size of refill wipes makes storage simple, taking up less room in your spa or salon.


Education, Protocols, & Marketing Assets

From learning proper disinfection to showing clients that your spa or salon is protected, Prevention offers all of the tools you need

This course will enable you to:

- Implement an effective Infection Prevention Plan for your spa or salon

- Get sanitation best-practice training tailored to your service or role

- & much more!

Ensure you’re disinfecting and diluting properly with these step-by-step protocols.

Marketing Assets

Let guests know that your spa or salon is being protected by Prevention Disinfectants.

Place these door hangers on your spa or salon's treatment room doors.

Use on workstations, massage beds and other treatment areas.