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Products You Can Trust
UCo Product Development & Our Commitment to You

We understand the items we provide are not just products to you–they’re an extension of your business. That's why we devote extensive time and attention to ensuring our selection reflects your uncompromising standards.
For over 40 years, we’ve refined a process of open communication between customers, manufacturers, and our product development team. This allows us to thoroughly vet products and strongly advocate for your needs.
Our vetting process is rigorous and involves several checkpoints that a product or brand must clear, with your assurance and success as the top priority.

Our Licensed Professionals Invest Time Before You Invest Money

Evaluation begins with our team of licensed professionals and qualified specialists. Here’s a glimpse of the steps in their approach:

Test Products

Whether we’re washing sheets countless times to ensure colorfastness or stretching gloves to test their durability, we put products through their paces before we sell them to you.

Apply Products in Treatment Setting

Even if a product functions well, it must align with your business requirements. So, we go beyond standard testing–we simulate spa treatment usage or develop treatment protocols to evaluate performance.

Secure Sufficient Stock

When you invest in a brand, you rely on its availability. On your behalf, we work with the manufacturer to ensure appropriate lead times for dependable inventory.

Review Efficacy

We don’t take efficacy statements at face value. In tandem with our licensed professionals rigorously evaluating each product’s results, we also require substantiating evidence. This includes peer-reviewed studies validating the safety and efficacy of key ingredients or the overall product.

Screen Environmental Claims

Sustainability claims abound in our industry, making it tough for spas to decipher legitimate initiatives from empty promises. We never repeat environmental assertions without thorough investigation and verification, whether through third-party certifications, ingredient audits, or alignment with internationally recognized criteria like ASTM compostability standards.

Research Consumer Demand

Finally, we conduct ongoing trend research so your business stays ahead of shifting consumer demand. This ensures you can expand through on-trend professional treatments and retail products. It all goes back to our simple mantra: Our business is good when your business is better.

We Conduct Continuous
Quality Control

Once the shipment arrives at our warehouse, we inspect the packaging and check expiration dates. Additionally, we occasionally pull established products from stock for quality control spot checks. This includes human hair swatch testing for color consistency between tint batches, measuring the thickness of collagen gel masks, or reviewing the design integrity of spa sandals.

We Optimize Value
by Listening to You

We don't just look at pricing because cheaper products may not function very well, which could disappoint your clients. So, we carefully weigh value against cost, assessing everything we sell, even single-use supplies. And often, your feedback informs our product innovation.

Enhancement Through Exchange

We can’t express how important your critiques are to us. Our product development team speaks with customers daily. This is part of the feedback loop that has been refined for more than 40 years. If you're not satisfied, we collaborate closely with manufacturers to evolve and enhance products. Our strong vendor relationships drive this improvement. Many partners we've worked with for decades are just a quick call or text away, day or night.

A Little Dialogue Makes a Big Difference

For example, our sponges (a customer favorite for many years!) were honed to perfection through our well-evolved dialogue process. Cheaper ones left behind small pieces on the skin, so after conversations with you and our manufacturer, we now have the best sponges you can buy. Our mascara wands are another example. These can also enhance or hinder a guest’s experience. Our findings showed that a slightly more expensive mascara wand distributed product to lashes more evenly and effectively than a cheaper alternative. So, we opted for the one that performs better.

We Appreciate You!

We hope you enjoyed reading about how your products are selected. Thank you for the opportunity to earn your confidence and for allowing us to be a critical part of your business. We’ll never take that for granted and want you to know we’ll continue working diligently to exceed your expectations. Our team is your team.

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