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Premium Precut
Kinesiology Tape

Premium precut
Kinesiology tape

Kinesiology Taping without the Guesswork

SpiderTech thrives on innovation to make taping a better, easier experience for you and your clients. Designed by doctors and engineers, their pre-cut designs are specific to body parts and feature a patented numbering system. This makes it easy to just snap and stick! The tape is latex-free and made with hypoallergenic glue in a safe, sterile environment.

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Why You'll Love It

Pain-free Performance

SpiderTech kinesiology tape is clinically proven to reduce pain* while providing your injury with the blood flow, stability, and long-lasting relief it needs to get better, fast.


Reduce Your Pain

Enhance Your Recovery

Support Your Muscles

Brace for impact.

SpiderTech provides support for your muscles and joints, helping you perform at your best and reduce the risk of injury.

Movement is medicine.

Pain limits your ability to move and recover. Tape up and gain the ability to do what you need to. Move and be active.

Set yourself in motion.

Reach further. Eliminate inflammation and swelling with the powerful, elastic design of SpiderTech.





* Not proven clinically for all injuries. SpiderTech products are not intended as a replacement for professional medical care.

Kinesiology Tape

Offer your clients drug-free pain relief* by using kinesiology tape at the end of a massage. Taping alleviates pressure on pain receptors, provides a physical barrier to harmful range of motion, and aids in muscle recovery.

Designs are specific to body parts and feature a patented numbering system–just snap and stick!

Cut, stretch, and apply over targeted muscles to provide structural support and recovery benefits.

Starter Kits

SpiderTech Deluxe Starter Kit, 90 Piece

This kit includes SpiderTech's Virtual Taping Course for School Educators, Pre-Cuts, and certificate, and more!

SpiderTech Basic Starter Kit, 27 Piece

This kit includes SpiderTech's Virtual Taping Course for School Educators, Pre-Cuts, and certificate, and more!

As a certified instructor, you'll be able to enrich your educational lineup with SpiderTech taping methods.


Contact us for more information about SpiderTech.

Training Resources & Protocols

Your team members can learn at their own pace with on-demand training and education!

SpiderTech Education Hub

Explore our education hub—an expansive resource featuring assets to support your knowledge. From tutorial videos and protocols to insightful webinars and more, our collection of education materials guarantees a seamless learning experience for a smooth incorporation of SpiderTech into your business.

SpiderTech Webinars

Explore the fascinating world of kinesiology taping with expert Dr. Nick in our exclusive webinars. Discover practical tips and techniques for using the product effectively to enhance performance and recovery

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Staff Training & CEUs

Kinesiology Taping for Massage Therapy Training & Certification

Elevate your brand knowledge with our all-in-one staff training – from brand introductions to product expertise.


SpiderTech Staff Training Course

SpiderTech's innovative product offerings make kinesiology taping an easier experience for you and your clients. Learn how in this training course.


Learn about the products and techniques for SpiderTech.

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Marketing Resources

From detailed integration videos to ready-to-use marketing assets and customizable collateral, here's a glimpse of the resources we've prepared for you to launch SpiderTech at your spa.

Social Media Posts

Promote your services on social media.

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Let clients know about your services.

Download professionally designed marketing materials that highlight the benefits of SpiderTech.  

These printable display inserts communicate the benefits of i-Strips to your cilents.

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