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What is the Nuvola?

The Nuvola is a zero-gravity dry flotation bed that offers chromotherapy, adjustable temperature, and hydro massage. It allows your guests to feel a sense of weightlessness and absence of stimuli, lulling them into a state of deep relaxation. All without direct contact with water.



What are the benefits?

The combination of colored lights, adjustable temperature, and hydro massage delivers an extraordinary multisensory experience with proven benefits.

Research indicates that float therapy is a very effective tool for stress management.1, 2 Additionally, as guests are embraced by a sense of weightlessness, the pressure of gravity is taken off muscles and joints, temporarily reducing soreness.1,3 



Your guests may choose a single color or select color rotation.


A gentle wave effect that ripples along the cervical, lumbar, and plantar areas.

Adjustable Temperature

Non-licensed staff can customize the temperature for each guest.

1. Bood SA, et al. Eliciting the relaxation response with the help of floatation REST (Restricted Environmental Stimulation Technique) in patients with stress related ailments. Int J Stress Manag. 2006; 13(2): 154 -75.
2. Dierendonck DV, Nijenhuis JT. Floatation Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy (as a stress management tool: A meta analysis. Psychol Health. 2005; 20(3): 405-412.2.
3. Kjellgren A., Lyden F., Norlander T. Sensory isolation in floatation tanks: altered states of consciousness and effects on well-being. The Qual Report. 2008; 13(4): 636-56.

How can the Nuvola help spas grow their business?

By offering membership packages, you can support your clients' wellness goals with regular services and gain recurring revenue. Non-licensed staff can help your guests on and off the table for 30-minute sessions. This versatile bed can also be used in treatments for every imaginable type of body wrap: mud, algae, silt, clays, bandages, creams, or oils.

Interest in float therapy has risen 2,250%

With the proven efficacy of float therapy, it's no surprise that interest in it has increased over the past 10 years. If you're interested in adding float therapy to your wellness services, here's a brief comparison of two options:

Dry Flotation 

  • Especially appealing to guests who wish to avoid enclosed spaces
  • Use autonomously or to enhance body treatments
  • Great for lunch hour–no need for client to undress or get wet
  • Easy cleanup between services

Wet Flotation

  • Enclosed capsule filled with salt water
  • Autonomous sessions
  • Client disrobes

No need for a dedicated space

Don't worry about allocating a large area like you would for traditional spa equipment such as saunas, steam baths, and ice fountains. You only need 25 sq. meters (269 sq. ft.) for the Nuvola.

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Menu Inspirations

Stress Releasing Dry Flotation Session


Treatment time:
10-30 minutes

Suggested price:

Cost per treatment:

Nuvola Relaxation Treatment


Treatment time:
60-90 minutes

Suggested price:

Cost per treatment:

Nuvola Slimming Treatment


Treatment time:
90 minutes

Suggested price:

Cost per treatment:

Nuvola Exfoliating Scrub Treatment


Treatment time:
90 minutes

Suggested price:

Cost per treatment:

Nuvola Drainage Treatment


Treatment time:
90 minutes

Suggested price:

Cost per treatment:

Contact us for more information about Dry Flotation.


- PVC waterproof cover
- Manual or preset programs

Included Accessories

- PVC stocking sheet
- Manual air inlet pump in the sheet
- Abactos anti-algae solution, 10 kg
- 1 pack TNT disposable sheets (100-count)

Optional Upgrades

- Wrapping Membrane for treatments
- LED Lighting in 8 colors
- Lumbar Massage upgrades


- Dimensions: 37" W x 87" L x 28" H
- Weight: 596 lbs. empty; 1,477 lbs. in use
- Electrical: 220v / 60Hz, 9.5A - 208 VAC, 1850 Watt

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