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Prevention™ HLD8

Single: VT020   Case of 6: VT020-CS

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Protect your staff, clients, and business by using a fast hospital-grade disinfectant on your work surfaces and equipment.  

Rejuvenate is designed for frequent use, so it's non-irritating to the skin and eyes. Plus, because it's fragrance-free, it won't interfere with aromatherapy.

Perfectly Sized for Work Stations & Mobile Services!

This slender canister takes up less space and offers the same powerful disinfectant as original Rejuvenate Disinfectant Wipes.

Show clients that you keep their safety top of mind, and place one at every salon station. Or pop one into your mobile services bag for strong, fast surface disinfection. It'll fit nicely in larger manicure table drawers, shampoo and styling areas, treatment room cabinets, and duffels.


Review 1: No Harsh Chemical Smell
Review 2: We Use These Everywhere
Review 3: Large, Well Saturated, and Quick

1-Minute Disinfection*. Quicker Turnaround.

This spa and salon disinfectant works up to 10x faster than other brands, offering you faster treatment room turnovers. Powered by Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide® (AHP®), the active ingredient hydrogen peroxide, also breaks down into water and oxygen, reducing your environmental impact.

*1-minute contact time for viruses and bacteria. Refer to label or reference sheet for full use-directions and contact times.

Marketing Resources & Education

When you use Rejuvenate Disinfectant Wipes, you get convenience, safety, and a quicker turnaround! To get started, check out these handy resources:

Disinfect in as Little as 1 Minute!

EPA-Registered Hospital-Grade Disinfectant & Meets OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen Standards

Works as a 1-minute virucide / bactericide; 5-minute tuberculocide; 10-minute fungicide

Effective against SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19.

Kills hepatitis B & C virus, HIV, influenza virus, athlete's foot and nail fungus, MRSA, and other salon relevant pathogens.


Other Benefits

Non-irritating to eyes and skin
Reduces your environmental impact
Powered by Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide® Technology
Slightly larger wipe than original Rejuvenate Disinfectant Wipes
Easy to use and convenient.


Product SKUs

Single Canister (60 wipes): VT020

Case of 6 Canisters: VT020-CS

Ideal Places to Use

Treatment areas
Nail & styling workstations
Massage and facial tables
Warming equipment
Magnifying lamps and other common equipment
Reception areas
Skin and body equipment

Visit the Protocols Page >

Download the Rejuvenate Tent Card >



Registered with the EPA under Virox Technologies and EPA Reg. No. 74559-3
Shelf Life: 3 Years (opened and unopened)
Packaging Specifications: 60 Wipes per Canister or Case of 6 Canisters


0.5% Hydrogen Peroxide



 is a registered trademark of Virox Technologies Inc., the developer of the AHP® technology

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