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SpaEquip 8-in-1 DermiSystem, Multifunction Facial Machine

SpaEquip 8-in-1 DermiSystem, Multifunction Facial Machine



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More Modalities, Less Space–An Excellent Choice for Smaller Rooms!

The SpaEquip DermiSystem merges numerous facial equipment functionalities into one sturdy, heavy-duty system, accommodating wide tables and offering a broad spectrum of treatment possibilities. From ozone therapies that rejuvenate the skin to steam treatments that open pores, it offers a diverse and comprehensive service menu.

Enhanced Steamer Functionality for Superior Care
Discover the advanced features of the SpaEquip DermiSystem's steamer, designed for precision and versatility. With a 30-minute timer and ozone-enhanced mist, this system is engineered to rejuvenate and refresh. The innovative inclusion of a removable felt strip for essential oils transforms steam services into aromatherapy sessions, tailoring treatments to clients' preferences. The system includes an audible ding to signal the conclusion of your steam session.

Unparalleled Flexibility with Movable Design
The DermiSystem's tower design safeguards the steamer jar during use for uninterrupted service. Its adjustable steamer arm and rotatable head promise flexibility, ensuring focused, direct steam for every client. This adaptability means tailored treatments and maintaining client comfort and care. The system is equipped with an accessory holder and casters for effortless mobility.

Mag Lamp Illumination: Precision and Versatility Unveiled
Illuminate your treatments with the DermiSystem's maglamp, featuring a 5-diopter fluorescent light for unrivaled visibility. Ideal for detailed work like extractions, lash, and brow services, the dependable, sturdy metal lamp arm extends capability, ensuring no detail is missed. With adjustment knobs for fine-tuning and a large magnification surface, this feature is indispensable for achieving excellence.

Other Features

High-Frequency with 4 Electrodes for Bespoke Treatments
Target multiple skin concerns with the DermiSystem's high-frequency machine, offering customizable intensity settings for a personalized approach to skincare.

Rotary Brush with Diverse Attachments for Individualized Cleansing
Personalize exfoliation and cleansing to each client's unique needs with a rotary brush equipped with various attachments, providing comprehensive treatments.

Galvanic Functionality to Boost Service Effectiveness
Optimize product penetration while firming and smoothing the skin. Enhance the results of your treatments with the DermiSystem's preset galvanic with automatic shutoff.

Vacuum and Cupping for Efficient Extractions
Efficiently remove impurities and promote skin health with the powerful vacuum and cupping system, designed for thorough yet gentle extractions

Woods Lamp for Accurate Skin Assessments
Conduct precise skin diagnostics with the Woods Lamp, allowing for targeted and effective treatment plans.

Spray for a Refreshing Conclusion
Complete your treatments with a nourishing spray of toners or serums, leaving the skin refreshed and revitalized.


Dimensions: 17"W x 15"D x 42"H.
Steamer Arm: 28" L
Mag Lamp Arm: 41" fully extended
Machine Height with Lamp and Steamer: 66"
Machine Width with Attachments: 23" D x 35" W. Without Attachments: 22" W.
Mag Lamp: 8" head (10.5" from handle to power button). Lens: 5" Diameter
Electrical: 110V AC-60 Hz-5 amps
Color: Light Gray