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10 Eco-Fin Business Building Ideas & Tips

Eco-fin is a moisturizing hand, foot, and body treatment. Learn how this eco-friendly alternative to paraffin can help build your business for as little as $.90 per treatment.

Business Builder Ideas & Tips

  1. Offer Eco-fin as a stand-alone service with an enhanced massage or reflexology treatment.
  2. Use as an add-on to any service to maximize profitability. It only takes minutes!
  3. Replace your paraffin treatments with easy-to-use, affordable Eco-fin.
  4. Keep it clean with this sanitary, single-use, disposable product—no mess or fuss.
  5. Eliminate waste. Prepared Eco-fin can be removed from your towel warmer, and then reheated as necessary.
  6. Save money, with no need for additional massage lotion or oil.
  7. Use one of nine available scents or unscented. You can even customize your own blend by adding ESS® essential oils or blends to unscented Eco-fin.
  8. Offer free Eco-fin treatments with selected services on slow days.
  9. Create promotions that maximize profitability and drive revenue.
  10. Get staff training, right at your fingertips 24/7.


Drop one or half of one Eco-fin cube into the biodegradable liner and washable sleeve.

Roll sleeve and liner and place in hot towel warmer.

Slip client’s hands or feet into liner, massaging warm Eco-fin into skin. Place hands or feet into pre-warmed Herbal Eco-Mitt or Bootie, or into electric mitts or booties.

Remove liner from hands or feet and massage remaining Eco-fin into the skin, leaving it hydrated and silky soft. End with a spritz of Eco-fin Finishing Spray. Buff with a soft towel to remove excess oils.

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