3 Smart Reasons to Offer Sunless Tanning This Fall

What products do smart spa owners stock up on every fall? Sunless tanning supplies.

Why? Because sunless tanning products provide a summer glow long after vacations become fading memories.

Spa managers should know both their clients and their retail market. To make sure that you're in the know, here are three reasons that you should be providing sunless tanning products:

1. Clients are buying sunless tanning supplies somewhere.

Many of your clients are most likely already taking advantage of sunless tanning. Since they're already  consumers of self-tanning supplies, your challenge is to get them to buy them from you instead of someone else.

Offer them superior products along with personal instruction in using them and provide phone or text support if they have questions.

Find out what they like about the sunless tanning products they are using and what they wish was different. Provide a product that features the benefits of their current product and addresses what they don't like about what they are currently using. Maybe give out free samples, show them how the product works, and explain why it is the best self-tanner for their needs.

Finally, make it convenient for them to get their tanning products from you. Some ideas include a frequent buyer discount, free shipping on a future order, or a free product with the purchase of certain spa treatments. These steps will give your spa a more personable feel, which clients will appreciate.

2. Fall is the perfect time to highlight these products.

While the crisp autumn air and the upcoming holidays invigorate many people, the shorter days and no vacations in sight can get others down. A healthy tan can make your clients look and feel more upbeat and energetic, so this fall is the perfect time to offer sunless tanning products.

Clients who buy their self-tanning supplies elsewhere may not know that you offer sunless tanning treatments or products. Showcase these offerings in a display about “acclimating your body to autumn” or something similar that appeals to your clients. In the fall and winter, prominently place sunless tanning products in your retail area with images and words that remind clients of blissful vacations. Offer gift packs and trial sizes to make it easy for them to re-create that fading summer glow.

People want a burst of sunshine in the colder, darker days, so they look for ways to extend their summer glow. Even in warmer climates, fall schedules usually don't allow much time for sunny recreation. Because of this, clients are particularly receptive to information about sunless tanning products at the end of summer.

3. Sunless tanning services and products are convenient to sell as an add-on.

Sunless tanning services pair easily with body scrubs and body polishes. They can accent facials, massages, and pedicures. Almost any service your spa offers can be connected to a desire for a healthier glow, which you offer through a sunless tanning treatment or a self-tanning product.

It's simple: Spas that offer the products clients want will see increased sales. Sunless tans are the perfect way to elevate your fall and winter services. If you aren't taking advantage of the demand, someone else will.

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