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Boost Client Retention with Private Branding

Gabe Cameron, Staff Writer, Universal Companies

No matter the work that we put into our space, staff, or service menu, more often than not, we’re defined by the products we use and sell. While this can be seen as a frustrating hurdle to jump, it should be viewed as an opportunity.

Experts often recommend nearly a quarter of your total sales come from retail. It’s a huge part of running your business correctly and keeping clients coming back for more services. But, we live in a digital age, where customers can easily search for a product on Amazon or their local department store’s website and get it in a matter of hours or days. How can we possibly compete with that?

The answer is something you’ve dealt with before. Something that you had to think about when you first put your name on the door—branding. In the modern spa industry, carrying your own branded products is one of the best ways you can keep up client retention and get new customers through the door. It’s the next big step that every entrepreneur has to take and, for those of you that are struggling, there’s no better time to get started.

Why Private Labeling Matters

Carrying your own private label products provides two significant benefits that shouldn't be overlooked: exclusivity and profitability. It’s easy to thumb through pages and pages of popular brands that every spa feels like they need to offer to stay on top of current trends. What’s harder is keeping this momentum sustainable.


  • We all want to make sure that we’re carrying the latest and greatest products for our clients. Staying ahead of trends is one of the defining characteristics of the wellness industry. However, this causes problems when all of your local spas are thinking the same thing. While it’s easy to feel the popular brands you offer are providing a support structure for your spa, it’s often a double-edged sword.
  • At the end of the day, we’re all trying to compete, and the best way to do so is by truly setting yourself apart from the other options in your area. Carrying your own product brands is one of the best ways to do so.
  • When your clients finish a service, your staff will push them towards your labeled products. Your clients will know this is the only place they can get the products that work best with the treatments they love. Every time they use this product, your spa’s branding will resonate in their mind. Every time their friends or family see or hear about these products, they’ll know exactly where to go to find them.


  • Finding what brands to offer in your spa is all about profit and loss. How much is it going to cost for me to carry this brand? How much money will I have to eat to make this brand an important part of my spa menu?
  • Finding exclusive, branded products for your spa is a great way to circumvent most of these concerns. Branding your own products is often cheaper than finding a margin that works with the more popular brands that all of your competitors are already carrying.
  • And you won’t lose out on effectiveness—private label formulations have only gotten better as time has gone on. We often encounter business owners that equate privately branded products with the knockoff brands that you see in grocery stores, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. For example, Private Label Skin Care is an all-natural, customizable line. They offer certified, clean products (the type of products that your clients are looking for) and they’ll be synonymous with your spa’s branding.

Fitting Private Label Products into Your Spa

Once you’ve decided on what private label products you want to bring into your spa, it all becomes a matter of how to communicate this to your clients.

  • 1. You should carry a diverse amount of privately branded products, as this often shows clients that you’re prepared for all of their concerns. People like consistency, so they’ll enjoy using a variety of products from the same brand as part of their routine.
  • 2. The pricing of private labeling is often a defining factor when making a sale. Wellness products are expensive, and if your clients can get formulations that they like for a lower price, they’re going to take advantage. Without the heavy markup of popular brands, you can pass much of your savings onto your consumer.
  • 3. Make sure you’ve stocked up on samples for your private label options. If you’re working with clients that are on the fence about the efficacy of these products, you can send them home with a small sample, which you can follow up on during their next visit.
  • 4. Charge a premium price for services that use your own branded products. Consumers often choose, recommend, and pay more for a brand that provides exclusive, personalized services or experiences.
  • 5. Private labeling has never been easier. With Universal Companies, you can develop your own skin care brand without worrying about any of the labeling hassles or branding woes. Just send us your logo, choose your options, and sit back while we put your order together. See Private Label Skin Care for more information.

If you’re marketing your brand and creating a demand for the products, you’re sure to see the many benefits of exclusive, branded options in no time. Setting yourself apart from the competition is easier than it’s ever been, so there’s no reason you shouldn’t get started today.

Universal Companies is proud to have a team of experienced spa advisors on staff and welcomes you to consult with our professionals about spa products and supplies, including ingredients, equipment, and retail. Dedicated to the success of spa professionals everywhere, we're grateful to be recognized with the American Spa Magazine Professional's Choice Award, Favorite Distributor of the Year for many consecutive years. (Thank you!)

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