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November 05, 2019

Why Cryotherapy?

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3 Reasons to Invest in Cryotherapy

While cryotherapy has been a staple in European spas for decades, it’s starting to become a global trend. Google Analytics shows sustained demand for cryotherapy treatments over the past five years, indicating that it’s trending.

Search term "Cryotherapy" is in blue; "Chronic pain" is in red.

With this rise in popularity, it’s important to begin thinking of investment opportunities in cryotherapy. We’ve put together a list of a few items you may want to consider:

1. Client Demand

So we know that clients are searching for it, but it’s worth noting why they’re showing interest. According to the CDC, 1 in 5 Americans suffer from chronic pain. As the positive perception of pharmaceutical treatment options diminishes, regular cryotherapy services offer a strong alternative.

Market research also shows us that the growing prevalence of cancer and skin disorders could be another reason for this growth. As cryotherapy technology improves, many individuals are looking for minimally invasive treatments to target their concerns.

2. Results Lead to Return Visits

With cryo treatments, your clients can see results in just one service. And some cryotherapy sessions last only mere minutes, which makes these results even more impressive. Plus, it’s super easy to explain the benefits of cryotherapy to existing clients to get them interested. If they’ve ever used an ice pack on a sore or strained muscle (which we all have), they’ve experienced a minor form of cold therapy!

Once they’ve experienced cryotherapy and its malleability, they’ll see it as a service they can utilize for a variety of common issues. Which leads to the next point…

3. Cryotherapy is Extremely Versatile

There are a variety of ways to introduce cryotherapy treatments to the average consumer. For those that want the full experience, they can use a CryoSauna or Cryo Chamber. These treatments only last for a few minutes (at the max!) and are great for clients looking for full body benefits.

But jumping into a cold chamber isn’t for everyone, and you’re definitely going to have clients that would rather try something smaller. For these clients, we recommend the Kriopol, a targeted cryostimulation system that works well for localized treatments. This product utilizes a stream of nitrogen vapor and is perfect for facials. It works well alongside full body treatments or as its own standalone service.


NewGenCryo's Story

I'm Justyna Debski. I'm the CEO of NewGenCryo equipment. We distribute cryotherapy equipment. We distribute localized cryotherapy equipment, whole body cryotherapy equipment, and cryo slimming devices. Cryotherapy is a treatment that has been around in Europe for over 30 years. It's used as a wellness treatment to reduce inflammation, swelling and pain all throughout the body. It could be done whole body or localized.

So I started using cryotherapy for my own needs. I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis about seven years ago, and my mother told me about cryotherapy. She told me that this is something that they do in Europe for anybody with joint disorders to help you deal with the pain naturally. After just one treatment, I did see results. And after doing a 10 pack, I felt amazing. And it not only reduced my pain in my joints, but it also gave me more energy.

Cryo Chamber & CryoSauna

I felt better mentally, stronger, I slept better. I was a working mom, so the energy levels, the increased energy levels definitely helped. So we have whole body cryotherapy equipment. We have a CryoSauna and a Cryo Chamber. A CryoSauna is a single person chamber where your head sticks out. It's still considered whole body in the cryo industry, and you submerge your body with your head sticking out. It helps with people with claustrophobia as you're in constant communication with the operator and your skin temperature drops 30 or 40 degrees, ideally, during the three-minute treatment. Three minutes is the max that you can do. Your skin temperature is measured afterwards to make sure that you had a significant drop to be able to get the benefits from it.

And then we also have the full body chamber where you're completely immersed head to toe. You're breathing in regular air and it's a two to three-person chamber, so you're welcome to go in with somebody else or you could do it alone. It’s a two-room compartment. Most of our cryo enthusiasts do prefer the chamber because they feel that they get more benefit out of it because your mind and your whole body is immersed inside the chamber.

Localized Cryotherapy Equipment

So our localized cryotherapy equipment, we have two different machines. We have the Kriopol and we have a Metrum Cryo-T Duo. Kriopol runs on liquid nitrogen and the Cryo Duo runs on CO2. If you have room to store a nitrogen tank, it's easy to use a Kriopol at your facility. If space is an issue, we recommend going with the Cryo-T Duo. CO2 cylinders are smaller than nitrogen tanks, so it's a little easier to store. It takes longer for the C02 gas to cool down to cryogenic temperatures, so treatments are a little longer, but the benefits are the same.

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