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3 Easy Massage Add-Ons to Try Today

Jeff St. Peters, LMT, Senior Product Development Manager, Universal Companies

As a massage therapist, upgrading massage services and selling products has always been a challenge. It's a consistent theme with many LMTs in the industry–we' re healers, not sales professionals.

However, much of sales is about perception. It's not completely about selling, but about addressing concerns. How can we fulfill our clients' needs? We should actively listen when completing consultations if we want to exceed their expectations. Listening for key phrases will help you offer products or services that may pique your clients' interests and improve their well-being.

Service enhancements can be easy to introduce, and they can increase your overall price per treatment and your client's satisfaction. Here are three often cited client concerns with add-ons you should definitely try. Not only will you delight your guests, but you'll also boost your revenue.

1. Dry Skin

Concern: Client is either detoxing or has dry skin.

Massage Add-on Opportunity: Suggest a full dry body brush into the service.

Use a brush with long, flowing strokes to the heart area before starting the massage. This increases lymph flow and exfoliates the dead skin, allowing better product penetration. Offer this as an enhancement to normal Swedish massage. Provide the dry body brush as a gift with service or retail it for at-home care.

2. Overworked Clients

Concern: Client is extra sore and in need of a deep tissue massage.

Massage Add-on Opportunity: Have client lie face down and apply a heated Back Herbal Pack over the top sheet.

Perform compression massage on the back and shoulders prior to the massage to heat and loosen the muscles. Offer this as an upgrade to your normal deep tissue massage. Have heated neck and shoulder wraps available in your retail boutique for continued home care.

3. Traveling & Congested Clients

Concern: Client has been traveling, getting over a cold, or has seasonal allergies.

Massage Add-on Opportunity: Provide lymphatic drainage to the face, paying special attention to the points on both sides of the nostrils.

Offer a massage with the ESS® Respiratory Massage Blend to help clear air passages. When your client is face down, put a few drops of the Breathe In essential oil on a moist, heated hand towel in the face rest to ease your client's breathing. Have the Breathe In Inhaler available for purchase or retail diffusers for use with any essential oils.

Maintaining Client Loyalty

Upgrades and service enhancements can create loyal clients who recommend your services to their friends and family. It's all about building relationships, listening to your clients, and addressing all of their needs. Keeping a variety of massage add-ons on hand is a great way to make sure that you're catering to every individual client, which lets them know that you're the professional they can come to when they're ready for a new service.

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