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Create Moments of Peace & Relaxation

Bloomy Lotus has crafted premium aromatherapy diffusers for over 20 years, merging modern sculpture with innovative functionality. While nature inspires their minimalist design elements, user experience drives their high performance, including long misting times across large areas. Excellent for professional use and for retail in your boutique.

When essential oils are added, these whisper-quiet diffusers with patented technology instantly transform your atmosphere.

Whether they're in the car, around town, or at a hotel, clients can enjoy aromatherapy anywhere.

Rigorously tested and 100% pure, most oils are certified organic by USDA.

Stock your retail boutique the easy way with opening orders!

Get sales training to help your staff sell, plus marketing tools to pique interest & drive traffic.

Aroma Diffusers Inspired by Nature

Each diffuser in the Bloomy Lotus line was thoughtfully designed to bring the beauty of the natural world indoors. Crafted with premium materials, these works of art are perfect room accents.

Bloomy Lotus diffusers never compromise function for form. Each diffuser is made to exacting standards to ensure a long lifespan and superior performance.

This innovative waterless
diffuser features a built-in
nebulizer that releases bursts
of undiluted mist for an immediate sense of relaxation. Ideal for large areas, it features extensive coverage of up to 860 square feet.

The Bud diffuser features a mirrored base that resembles a pond, reflecting the lotus flower.

Portable Diffusers

Whether they're in the car, around town, or at a hotel, your clients can easily enjoy aromatherapy anywhere.

Offer a way for clients to breathe fresh, fragrant air while they're on the go with mobile technology.

This stylish diffuser clips to the vent, turning a potentially hectic time into a calming moment.

Ultrasonic mist instantly absorbs into the skin, serving as a highly active essential oil serum.

The Zen is a pocket-sized air purifying diffuser that can be used with essential oils. It uses an activated carbon and HEPA filter system to capture airborne allergens while it imparts a fragrant scent.

Includes rechargeable battery, USB charger, filter, essential oil disc, and travel bag.

These refills are great for swapping out essential oils or simply inserting a fresh filter.

Heighten Your Senses

All Bloomy Lotus essential oils are 100% pure and are free from any additives, adulterants, or dilutions. Each bottle is rigorously tested for the highest quality use in aromatherapy. Most of essential oils are USDA Certified Organic.

Single Oils

These pure botanical essences deliver focused aromas for clarity, refreshment, and relaxation.


Expertly blended, each gorgeous mingling is unique and complements wellness aspirations.

Kids Blends

Created for children, these blends inspire focus, rest, and overall feelings of positive well-being.

Opening Orders

Stock your retail boutique the easy way with opening orders!

Save $300 with this full collection of Bloomy Lotus diffusers and oils*, giving you ample inventory of each of our most popular items. Testers also included.

*versus purchasing them individually

Includes 4 JungleFUN diffusers (including 1 tester) & 10 essential oils for children (including 1 tester)

Contact us for more information on opening orders & bringing Bloomy Lotus into your spa:

Staff Training, Marketing Resources, & Integration

From staff training and online marketing tools to printable assets, we've got everything you need to integrate Bloomy Lotus into your spa and help you make more money!

Staff Training & Marketing Resources

Learn product knowledge, key customer benefits, and merchandising techniques. Then, start engaging customers and driving traffic with pre-made social media posts, drag and drop Google ad campaigns, emails, and more.

Cheat Sheets & Printable Assets

Download or print professionally designed marketing materials, including "cheat sheet" infographics that highlight the benefits of Bloomy Lotus. These materials help pique interest and boost revenue.

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