Self-Care for Your Massage Clients: Relieving Tight Muscles with Yoga Balm

April 23 • Massage

Stay in touch with clients by providing self-care tips. If you sell Yoga Balm online or in spa packages, you’ll find this video helpful to use in social media.

In this very short video, Tara Nichols with Yoga Balm demonstrates how to use Yoga Balm and a gua sha tool to work on tight muscles in the arms. This technique may be especially helpful for clients with carpal tunnel and plantar fasciitis. Clients should use whatever pressure is most comfortable.

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This feels so good! If you’re experiencing tension in your arms or have carpal tunnel (or even plantar fasciitis), watch this video to see how to get relief using warm, herbaceous Yoga Balm and a gua sha tool. Gua sha uses a stroke that creates pressure and stretch at the same time.

If you’re running low on Yoga Balm or need a massage tool, we sell them!

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About Yoga Balm

Carefully and expertly crafted, Yoga Balm contains Yakima peppermint, the most potent peppermint in the world. Delivered in a blend of ethically harvested beeswax and an array of certified organic plant oils, this wonderfully herbaceous balm instantly provides intense, soothing warmth to tired, overworked clients.

Ending your massage treatments with a little Yoga Balm around the neck and shoulders will boost retail sales. Yoga Balm is perfect for clients to use at home prior to healing arts, yoga, or leisure sport activities.

Video Transcript

Hi. My name is Tara Nichols and I'm with Yoga Balm here to share with you some tips you can do for self-massage and it's something you can do when you're at home. All you need is a jar of Yoga Balm, as well as a gua sha tool, and this is something you can buy online for less than $10.

But we start with just a little bit of balm and I'm going to use it on my forearm here because I used to have carpal tunnel. And so, wherever you feel any kind of tension or soreness in the body, this is even great for plantar fasciitis on the bottom of your feet. But if you take this tool and after massaging yoga balm in wherever you feel any pain or tension, just use it to smooth out the fascia and just go over wherever you feel just a little bit. It's going to feel a little bit bumpy. It might hurt a little. But what happens is the fascia starts to clump together. And so, what you're trying to do is smooth it out and kind of peel it off of the bone and not allow them to stick to one another, allowing all the ligaments, the tendons, and the muscles to move freely over the body.

So, after just a couple of minutes of doing this sort of deep tissue massage and being able to get into those joints, you're going to feel a lot more relief. And kind of move your fingers a little bit to kind of help those tendons start to free up. These are one of the many tips for you to work with, you know, any elements in your body at home during this time. Thank you so much.

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