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How to Keep Guests' Nails Sunsational All Summer

By Jan Nordstrom-Arnold, Co-Founder, CND

Summer is the most robust time of year! Everything is plentiful, including a bounty of vitamin D from the sun, longer days with fresh air, and more time for outdoor activities.

This exhilarating time also creates faster nail growth, plus more exposure to sun, salt, sand, and the chlorine in pools–all of which require extra care for nails.


A few facts about nails in the summertime-

    • Nails grow fastest in the summer, so prepare for rapid growth!
    • Nails can get “water-logged”. When our hands are in water, the cells in the nails expand and contract as the moisture is absorbed. This expansion and contraction are what can make coatings split, chip, and peel.
    • Summer’s intense UV rays can dehydrate skin and nails if they aren’t properly coated and cared for.

So, let’s talk prevention, care, and protection for gorgeous, vibrant summer nails.


Meticulous nail care is the preventive measure that assures consistently healthy nails, especially during their peak growth time. It’s time well spent to maintain desired nail length, banish unwanted cuticles, and balance the nail’s natural condition with the correct blend of product ingredients.

Nails:  Identify the client’s nail type and build the right summer plan to support the increased growth and seasonal stress placed on finger-and toenails. Determine the correct “working nail length” for every client’s lifestyle and pre-book appointments to support their custom care.

Cuticles: Pool or ocean water can dry out skin and result in unattractive, ragged cuticles. Proper cuticle elimination and eponychium care means careful preventive treatment and home care–and never cutting. If this area is cut, it can open the nail bed to unwanted pathogens that can lead to infection. Prevent the risk by rehabilitating the skin with a blend of mild alpha-hydroxy acids like glycolic, malic, lactic, and citric acids and deeply penetrating oils like jojoba oil and vitamin E. The acids will micro-exfoliate the dry, ragged skin and the oils will help shrink and tighten the skin for an eventual heathy glow.  

Feet: Invite clients to run barefoot during the summer to ventilate feet and give them a break from shoes. And “barefoot on the beach” is a great way to naturally exfoliate!

Prevent problems with proper care and the right products and help combat the damaging effects of the season on nails and skin.


Sun-exposed nails go from brittle to beautiful using products that condition with the proper moisture and oil balance. Lightweight, deeply penetrating oils make nails water-resistant and keep surrounding skin supple and conditioned.

The skin is the body’s largest organ, so drinking plenty of water helps with its overall health. However, external overexposure and immersion of water, as well as overexposure to chlorine and salt water can result in dry cracked skin, especially in the summer months.

Recommend a great summertime cuticle and nail “cocktail” consisting of both a mild exfoliator and deep conditioner for use twice per day. Also arm the client with a light, penetrating lotion for hands and body and a rich treatment cream for dry cracked heels. Keep nails and skin moisture-rich during the sun-drenched season.


The correct coating, based on nail type, offers lasting protection and helps seal in essential oils to keep nails tough over time. It also helps increase the moisture content of nails from about 15% to 25-30%, making them more resilient.

Make sure clients have the right coating for the summer season’s challenges. Remember that “gel polish” is good for all nails; “soft gel” is designed for normal to weak nails; “hard gel” is great for challenging nails that peel or break; and “liquid & powder” is right for cursed nails that are thin, shapeless, and weak.

For color and decoration, offering a gel polish on both fingers and toes helps defend the glorious shine against the increased wear and tear of summer activity. Long beach walks, gardening, and water sports can take their toll on traditional nail polish, but a beautiful coat of gel polish will glisten perfectly through it all while protecting the natural nail.

Practicing summer nail care essentials will help keep nail length and strength under control, help waterproof nails during these water-logged months, and help prevent dryness caused by chlorine, salt water, beach sand, and the UV rays from the sun.

Leave time to have some fun this summer. And feel proud when clients rave about their gorgeous healthy nails that are beach-, pool- and party-perfect!

No doubt you’ve read or heard about many of these industry myths. We can help debunk common nail myths with facts, education, and professionalism. Knowledge is power and it’s vital that professionals stay updated on technical information, commit to ongoing education, and practice safe servicing.

Leave the fables to books and movies–share your professional nail knowledge and earn the trust of every client!

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