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Arnica Sports Massage

Menu Description:

This soothing service is perfect for fitness fanatics! This arnica-infused treatment helps revitalize and soothe overworked muscles, connective tissue, and joints with targeted, sports massage.

Cost Per Treatment: $4.50
What to Charge: $75-$125

What You'll Need:

What They'll Want:


  • It's expected that sports massage therapists are familiar with each muscle, muscle groups, and how they're affected by specific movements and stress of each sport. In addition, they should also be trained in the appropriate uses of hydrotherapy and cryotherapy.
  • Traditional Swedish massage is currently the most common approach used for conditioning programs, supplemented by other massage therapy therapy approaches, such as deep tissue, trigger point, and acupressure.
  • Make sure to provide time for a thorough consultation so that you can create a customized massage that will best serve each client.


  • Sunburn, skin rashes or conditions, open sores or wounds, fractures, acute pain or injury, fever or infections, muscle and tendon ruptures or partial tears, contusions, burns, rheumatoid arthritis and gout, bursitis, infection of skin and soft tissue, thrombosis, artificial blood vessels, bleeding disorders, tumors, swelling, high blood pressure, pregnancy, and cancer.

What to Do:

Note: Since each client has unique needs, this protocol doesn't include step-by-step instructions for the treatment plan and is expected to be incorporated into a customized massage composed of varying massage techniques.

  • 1. Rub about 0.13 fl. oz. of Arnica Joint & Muscle Massage Oil into your hand and begin the massage service. On average, you can expect to use around 1 fl. oz. of oil per client over the course of one massage.
  • 2. Apply Arnica Active Gel on any smaller painful areas of the client's body. Suggested areas to target: knee, hip, elbow, neck, feet, or shoulders. Remember to apply sparingly to only targeted areas of pain. On average, you can expect to use around 0.5 oz. of gel per service.
  • 3. Apply Arnica Intensive Cream into each area of excess muscle tension and pain. This is a great targeted treatment to apply prior to deeper tissue concentration, trigger point, or myofascial therapy. On average, use around, use around 0.13 or 0.25 fl. oz. of the cream per service. Pro Tip: Apply a small amount of Active Gel on the feet at the end of the treatment to revitalize your client.

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