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Holistic Hydrotherapy & Body Care Treatments

Founded in Germany by Sebastian Kneipp, a pioneer in naturopathy and hydrotherapy, this lifestyle brand combines treatments, home care, and wellness concepts. For more than 130 years, Kneipp has promoted prevention through healthy living.

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The Kneipp Philosophy

Based on herbal traditon and the healing nature of water, Kneipp supports a holistic approach to health.

Whether they slip into a warm bath or step into a steamy shower, your guests will enjoy the aromatherapeutic bliss of Kneipp bath salts, oils, and washes.

Used for centuries to comfort muscles and joints, arnica extract is great for post-workout routines.

This assortment of moisturizers, exfoliants, and gift sets helps guests achieve silky-smooth skin.

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The Kneipp Philosophy

In addition to the healing power of water and the effects of medicinal herbs, Sebastian Kneipp’s lifelong naturopathic studies included other factors. He developed a holistic approach to optimum health through a 5-Pillar Philosophy. With a focus on mindfulness and living in harmony with nature, these fundamental principles are water, plants, exercise, nutrition, and balance.


The 5 Pillars of Sebastian Kneipp


soothes soreness
and cleanses.

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Flowers and herbs brim with restorative properties.

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Movement strengthens the body and reduces stress.

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Fresh, unprocessed, locally sourced food gives energy.

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Spiritual, mental, and physical well-being inspires joy.

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Whether they slip into a warm bath or step into a steamy shower, your guests will enjoy the aromatherapeutic bliss of Kneipp bath salts, oils, and washes.

Made with hand-processed, thermal spring salt sourced from Luisenhall salt works in Germany, a 250-million-year-old primeval sea hidden 1,500 feet below the Earth’s surface.

Uncontaminated by pollutants and environmental stressors, this mineral salt is exclusively sourced and contains trace elements and minerals such as magnesium, calcium, and zinc.

These soothing formulas include powerful botanicals to lock in moisture and prevent post-wash dryness.

Velvety-rich, moisturizing foam outlasts lather when applied directly to the skin. No need for a loofah.

Highly concentrated oils are made to transform the bathing experience with just one capful.

Long-lasting, luxurious bubbles and botanical fragrances turn baths into sensorial experiences.

Gift Sets

This 10-piece set is perfect for those who wish to try each herbal bath oil.

Clients (or gift recipients) can easily indulge in a warm, aromatherapeutic bath with these 6 oils.

This collection of 4 mineral bath salts is made with the brine from Germany's Luisenhall salt works.

Arnica Joint & Muscle Relief

Used for centuries to comfort muscles and joints, arnica extract is a great choice for post-workout routines and recovery days.

A blend of pine, rosemary, arnica, and mineral salt offers a simultaneously warming and cooling effect.

Made with arnica extract, menthol, and Mountain Pine essential oil, this gel delivers cooling comfort.

This lush emollient warms and offers a restorative feeling when applied to sore muscles and joints.

This quick, refreshing gel delivers an energizing feeling to tired legs and feet.

The perfect solution to soothe overworked muscles, this oil helps guests relax and recover.

A revitalizing blend of arnica, cabreuva, rosemary, and pine to help skin maintain its moisture level.

Body & Foot Care

Guests can achieve silky-smooth skin with this assortment of moisturizers, exfoliants, and elegant gift sets.

Body Oils

This unique mingling safflower, olive, sunflower, and grapefruit oils provides nourishment to mature, dry, or stressed skin.

This fast-absorbing blend softens skin and relaxes the mind with the floral aroma of lavender.

Created for sensitive skin, this lovely oil helps protect skin from moisture loss.

Don’t keep this gorgeous fusion of oils a secret! Argan oil makes skin feel supple while marula oil nourishes and strengthens the skin barrier.

Body Scrubs, Lotions, & Massage Oil

A superb blend of sugar and natural almond oil works to remove dead skin cells and to supply moisture. The result is soft, virbrant skin.

Sugar infused with argan and marula oils condition and moisturize the skin, leaving a youthful glow.

Developed for dry, sensitive skin, this lotion includes vitamins A & E, shea butter, and panthenol.

This moisturizer intermingles the dreamy aroma of lavender essential oil with nourishing plant oils.

An intensely pampering formula with lavender and jojoba oils quenches parched skin.

Foot Care

This deeply moisturizing butter contains a luscious blend of calendula extract, shea butter, urea, and rosemary essential oil to soothe and smooth cracked, calloused feet.

Jojoba and calendula oils replenish lipids while citrus and rosemary oils refresh and deodorize feet.

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