Mountain Air Holiday Hands & Feet Treatment

Warm clients up with this soothing mask to moisturize dry hands and feet. Made with 100% plant-based emollients and pure essential oils, they’ll relax in the sweet, earthy scent of pine and wild berries, with touches of cedarwood, rose, and cinnamon.

Cost Per Treatment: $1.04
Time: 15 minutes
What to Charge: $15-$25

Recommended For:
  • Dry skin

What You'll Need:

What To Do:

Pro Tip: Apply a scrub to your guest’s arms / legs prior to the treatment.

Directions for Hot Cabi
  1. Preheat your hot towel cabi for at least 1 hour before your first treatment.
  2. Put 1 mitt / bootie liner into each sleeve and roll the edge of the liner over the cuff of the sleeve.
  3. Drop one Eco-fin cube into each liner and roll the sleeve over itself into a tidy roll. Once your client has agreed to receive this add-on, place the prepared roll inside the hot towel cabi for a minimum of 25 minutes. Warm with dry heat only. For convenience you may prepare several rolls for guests ahead of time and keep them in the cabi for 3-4 hours.
  4. Unroll the sleeve containing the liner and Eco-fin cube and slide it onto your guest’s hand or foot. Help disperse the rich emulsion evenly by massaging it over the hands or feet. Place warm herbal or electric mitts / booties on your guest’s hands or feet.
  5. For massage add-ons: Apply as directed while client is positioned face up.
  6. To complete the treatment, follow the finishing steps. Alternatively, you may place Eco-fin cubes in a rubber mixing bowl and put the bowl in the hot towel cabi to melt. Then apply the melted cube with a fan brush to your client’s hands or feet, followed by the liner, sleeve, and herbal or electric mitts / booties.
Directions for Electric Booties / Mitts
  1. Put 1 Eco-fin cube into each liner and place 1 liner into each electric bootie / mitt with the opening of the liner and mitt / bootie at same end. If the electric mitt / bootie is set on high, the cube usually melts in approximately 20 minutes. Once melted, you may want to reduce the heat of the electric mitts / booties to medium or low depending on client comfort.
  2. After Eco-fin cube has melted, slip the electric mitts / booties over the hands / feet.
  3. To complete the treatment, follow the finishing steps.
  1. After 10 - 15 minutes, remove the mitts / booties and liners and massage remaining emulsion into hands and forearms or feet and legs. Discard the used liners and reuse the sleeve and herbal or electric mitts / booties.
  2. Hydrate, Soothe and Remove - Place a hand towel under the treated hand / foot, leaving enough free to wrap and dry the arm. Using the Eco-fin Pure Aloe Finishing Spray, lightly spritz the treated area. Massage and buff with a hand towel until skin appears dry, allowing extra oils to disperse.

Note: For convenience, you can order extra sleeves for mitts / booties and prepare several rolls ahead of time. They can be kept warm in your hot towel cabi, or you can warm the liner ONLY in the microwave for approximately 30 seconds before inserting it into the sleeve. Use caution when using microwaves as they vary and may require less heating time. Overheating can melt the plastic liners. Pro Tip: Always check your state regulations to ensure that you are practicing within the scope of your license.

Post-Care Instructions for the Client:
  • Repeat the treatment every 4-6 weeks to keep the hands / feet and nails moisturized and nourished.

Tips for Making the Eco-fin Luxury Hand & Foot Treatment a Truly Special Treatment:

  • Place a heated herbal wrap around the client’s shoulders during the treatment.
  • Follow the treatment by grooming / finishing the client’s nails.
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